I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


9. nine

"Your mother accused brandon of what!" exlcaimed beckie and sam, after i had explained everything my mother had said yesterday.

"quite shocking, right?"

they both nodded, they looked shocked.

"it's brandon. he cannot bully or hurt people.... and not just that, he wouldn't bully or hurt people. he's just not like that. he's a lovely person. why would your mother even try and get you to think that? you don't believe her do you? you know that brandon wouldn't ever do that, dont you?" beckie asked.

"dunno, no, yes."

"good. i may of had to slap you silly if you had thought he could of possibly behind all of this" sam explained to me. i laughed.

i loved my two best friends, i don't think there was anyone out there that i trusted more.

they know everything about me, what i do, what ive done, what i say to certain things, my habits, what i like, don't like. they know what my reaction is gonna be before i even react. they don't even bother me asking things most of the time, because they know what my answer would be.

like for example, normal people would ask if their friend would come shopping. however sam and beckie never ask, because they both know i will just say yes, so they just tell me that i am going shopping with them.

it's funny, because people will go on and on about how their best friends are just so nebby and won't ever shut up asking questions, whereas i never complain about that. i complain that my best friends know me so fricking well. they know me better than i know myself. then my mother knows me. and that is saying something. it's cool at times, like they will know what i am thinking just by my facial expression so i won't actually have to say anything, which is good when people are around and stuff.

my best friends are awesome. i dont know what i would do without them. at all.

suddenly, two arms snaked their way round my waist and tickled my tummy. aw.

"hello beautiful," a sexy voice breathed into my ear. brandon!

"hello handsome."

"baby, can i excuse you from your amazing friends, i wanna talk to you."

"she's all yours." sam gestures towards me, then walks off, linking with beckie.

i turned round to face brandon once they were out of site.

"what's up, babykins?" i asked, then kissed his cheek. i loved kissing his cheek. i loved kissing him. i just blantantly loved him!

"nothing, i just wanted to do this while nobody was around." and suddenly his lips came down onto mine, into a pretty passionate kiss. he bit my lip gently. it was actually nice. he slid his tongue into my mouth and deepened the already really deep kiss. my arms flung around his neck pulling him closer, my hands playing with his hair. his arms were round my waist pulling me closer.

it was a lovely kiss.

until he ruined it.

he being ben.

if there was an award for biggest tool and bully of the year, ben would win. no competition, nor doubt there.

"er. bradon put her down. you will catch std's just from looking at her. she's riddled with all sorts. i'd leave her alone and let her go live her lonely boring slutty life."

and then i just cracked.

i picked up the closest thing to me. which, by the way was a brick that was coming away from the wall that it used to be cemented to.

i brought the brick down to his head. full force.

yeah, think i may of went too far.



i have been getting bullied off him for years. he deserved that.

he was unconcious.

not breathing. just lying on the floor. blood pouring from his head.


i think i just killed him

that was too far

brandon bent down next to him and checked his pulse. it was still beating.

brandon couldn't even look at me.

he got his phone out of his pocket and dialled for an ambulance, telling them to hurry. he hung up the phone and took off his top, pushing it against ben's head with loads of pressure to stop him from losing too much blood.

i didn't know what to do. i stood there. shocked.

what have i done?

suddenly there was about 300 people crowding us. students, teachers, etc.

all just looking at me, with the brick in my hand. and ben, lying on the ground close to death.

sam and beckie squeezed through the crowd and stopped when they saw me. their mouths dropped.

a tear fell out of my eye.

and i sobbed.

infront of 300 people.

i heard comments like, "why are you crying? you didn't just get bricked." and "oh go on, cry like the baby you are. cannot take a joke can you not, slut? you gonna brick me now too."

i had to get away from here. but there was nowhere for me to run. there was literally a circle around me. and all of the people in the circle did not look very happy when they looked at me.

oh this was gonna be fun.


"Why, sophia? just why?"

"I didn't mean to, honestly i didn't."

"what so you by accident threw a brick at a kids head... don't think that is possible, love." my mum is practically screaming at me

"he was calling me a slut, telling brandon he'll get std's fom just looking at me. i needed him to shut up. i grabbed the closest thing to me, and threw it. i didn't notice it was a brick. honestly."

i was crying.

my mother frowned at me.

"i don't know if i can believe you. i don't even want to look at you. you are a murderer in everybodies eyes. you've disgraced this full family." my mother practically spat at me. oh lovely.

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