I love you..<3

Sophia and Brandon have just got together and with so many people trying to break them up, will they survive high school together?<3


8. eight

"so you wanted to spend time with brandon, instead of talking to your on mother about things? about your problems? your mother of fourteen years? but you'd rather go spill everythng to a boy? a boy you've only been going out with for about a week? he might be the one getting people to say stuff. and you've just told him exactly how you feel. he knows everything is getting to you. he knows he has won, if it's him doing all of this."

"MUM! you do not know brandon! you cannot talk about him like that. he's not like that. yeah, i may of only just started going out with him, but i have known him for ages. and i know i can trust him. and i know it isn't him, sending those messages, getting people to send those messages, or being the one to spread rumours." i was just so annoyed that she would even put that thought into my mind. that it could possibly be brandon being horrible.

"you trust him? sophia you are fourteen. how do you know if you can trust people or not?"

"yes, i know that i am fourteen. i do know my age, mother. and you learn to trust people from a young age, you know. it doesn't happen when you are older! i trusted you. and you've just started accusing my boyfriend of something! you've never even met him! how can you accuse him of such terrible acts!?"

my mother looked hurt. "because i know teenage lads, and they are all horrible people!"

"no, mother!!! you know the teenage lads from when YOU were a teenager! but every generation changes, anc teenagers aren't even like how they used to be!"

"no they are even worse than what they were!!"

"NO! some are worse than what teenagers were like. but brandon isn't! brandon is completely different. you just hate the fact that i'm growing up and loving someone, dont you?"

my mum frowned. oh, she didn't want me to grow up. well isn't that just tough luck.

"you will always be my baby."

"no, mum, no i won't. i will not always be your baby. i am growing up whether you like it or not, sitting my exams, going to university, moving out, getting married, having kids... i am doing it all. and you cannot stop me."

"you wanna bet?"

"mum, you cannot stop me from doing my exams- it's like the law. by the time i go to university, i will be eighteen, and that is where you lose parental supervision and responsibility over me. i can find a house or apartment or flat while i am in university. if i fall in love, you cannot and will not stop me from getting married. i will have kids. i will make you a grandmother."

my mum just stood there; shocked. never ever had i argued back with her when it came to me growing up.

she would go on about how i have to live with her forever, and i used to just go along with it.

well enough was enough. i am sick of her thinking she can tell me what to do through my whole life.

"i am sorry to burst your bubble, mother. but you are just going to have to cope without me."

she looked like she could just burst into tears. guilt settled down on me.

i walked towards her, and went to put my arms around her, but she pushed my arms away, and walked away from me, in tears.





eighty percent of my feelings right now, is guilt.

five percent of my feelings right now, is sadness.

the other fifteen percent of my feelings right now, is annoyance.

she had no right to say if i was to move out or not. she had no right to say if i went to university or not. she had no right to say things about brandon before she had even met him.

and she will meet him.

i love brandon.

he is the first one of my boyfriends that i truly feel love towars. so yeah, he will meet my mum.

it's just a shame he will never meet my dad.

my dad was such a lovely person.

i felt a small tear fall from my eye and down my cheek. in a matter of seconds, i was sobbing. about everything.

the fact that my mother had just walked away from me crying.

the fact that i was still getting bullied after all of these years.

the fact that my mum thought that my boyfriend was capable of bullying me.

the fact that my mum thought me and brandon were like every other teenager in the world.

the fact that my dad was dead.


it just didn't seem right. that word, in the same sentence as "my dad" with me saying it.

it didn't form right on my tongue.

like how people say they cannot form the word "love" properly. yeah i cannot form "my dad is dead."

it just isn't right.

he died saving me. it should of been me that was gone, not him. he deserved to live a lot more than me. he had done so much in life.

everyone missed him.

even people he had never met, take flowers to his grave, or bring my mum flowers.

still, after five years of my dad dying, we are still getting flowers and presents.

it annoys me.

why cannot everyone just forget about it and move on. just like how i was trying to.

my mum says people don't ever want to forget someone like my father because he was just so special, and that talking about him, thinking about him, just keeps him alive in our hearts.

maybe that's why the words "my dad is dead," doesn't form right on my tongue. because he is alive, in my heart, and my brain is trying it's best to listen to my heart for the first and probably last time ever.

i walked upstairs and flopped into my bed, sobbing.

i closed my eyes, and within a matter of seconds, i was in dream land........zzzzzzzzzzz.

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