Finding You.

My name is Emily Amber Jones and after my mother died of brain cancer, i've been living with my abbusive dad... read more to find out...


2. waking up to..YOU?!?!?!

I woke up to the bright sun in my eyes...and on a...bed? then all the memories of what happened yesterday came flooding into my mind un il when i went to sleep. but i couldve sworn that i was seping on the ground...
Why does this place llook so familliar??Then i heard a couple people talking from outside... then i heard that unforgetable laugh...




Last night i was walking home from nandos...when i see that familliar face of my okld friend em-and-emm.. so i took her in my arms and took her back to the hotel.. when i got hoe all the boys were smirking at me... "now niall, just because we all have girlfriends doesnt mean u have tp gop fi=nd whoevers out on the street." said lou in his normal sassy voice.

"well lou, this isnt any random ole girl off the street.. its my old firend emily from ireland. "ohhhhh" replied the boys. so i took heer and layed her down in my bedan daskewd one of the boys if i could sleep in one of their rom for th night and of coyrse li-li said yeas...(PS i ship all the bromances.. but i have a soft spot for niam...)




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