Finding You.

My name is Emily Amber Jones and after my mother died of brain cancer, i've been living with my abbusive dad... read more to find out...


1. Running Away

"Emily! Get ur fat ass down here before i come and find you." my stupid dad said. Let me tell you about myself. Well my mum died of brain cancer when i was about 13 and im 16 3 years without a mum. And when my mum will states that i have to go live with my Uncle Paul, my dad said no and almost killed my uncle.

So here i am now with my abussive da- wait no,... with my abbusive Joe?.....yea...

"im comin im comin.." i ran down the stairs as fast as ai could and waited for the worst...

"i thought i told u when i got home i wanted food on the table and new beer in the fridge!!"
he yelled...then as on timing/... ahooker comes in with half her boobs hanging out and all her butt showing except the part with her 'underwear'

"i-i-im sorry dad. ..its that time of month again.. and i was puking all day.......not that u would've heard me cuz ur to busy doing that slut..." i said.. but the last part under my bresath.

"whatever..just go to ur room and dont come out for another week until i tell u too.okay?"

the i ran upo the stairs and packed up all my clothes which werewnt much and my 5,0640 dollars ive saved up for the last 10 years...and made sure Joe was in the roo before slowly opening the dooor and running.

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