Those Five Guys

Hayden is in her last year of high school, having never kissed a guy! As the last three months are coming for school to end, she goes to her first party and meets five amazing new friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and that amazing Niall! She is learning how to live life fun! Hope you like it!


4. We're Over!

Tuesday went by pretty slow. I didn't talk to Niall all day and I didn't sit with everyone during lunch. It was now Wednesday, I heard the alarm to get up. I moaned, I really didn't feel like going to school. I couldn't stand not having friends. Of course I had Iris, Ash, Kim and Madeleine, but I really just liked having guy friends. I heard my dad yell to get me up. I finally decided to get up. I slowly got up and rubbed my head. I hoped in the shower, it made me feel better. Until....he....texted me.

"Hey, why haven't you been talking to me?" I didn't bother answer. I just got ready and headed out the door.


Once I got to school I saw him walk up to me. He pulled me into a hug, I pushed him off me. A tear fell from my eye. I couldn't look at him, he broke me.

"Hey! What's wrong?" As if he didn't know!!!!!!!!

"I don't know," I got mad, real mad, "Why don't you ask that girl you were kissing?!?! Oh wait, you didn't know that I saw. Or that I knew!" he grabbed my arm.

"I'm sorry! It didn't mean anything." Another tear fell.

"Was it the first?" I asked.

"What?" he didn't know what else to say.

"Have you kissed that bitch before?" I turned to look him right in the eyes. No more tears, just pure anger.

"I-I....." he couldn't say anything.

"Out with it!" I demanded.

"Yes." he began to look at the ground. My heart had just broken into two. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Wait, what am I saying. I hate him! I ran away and he tried to grab me. I started to scream and Louis and Liam came to help me. They both started holding Niall back as I ran. I ran right up to Zayn.


I saw her running as tears filled her eyes. I guess she couldn't see. She still looked so beautiful, I just wanted to kiss her and hug her. I know I said I liked Kimberly, but Kim just wasn't Hayden.

"What's wrong?" I asked as she fell into me.

"N-niall." she started crying more, "he was kissing someone else. I don't know who though. But she was beautiful." I looked into her eyes and I could tell she had really been hurt. I hugged her and just walked her to her next class.

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" I had to make sure.

"Yes, thank you!" she hugged me once more and kissed my cheek. I started to blush like crazy. I think she noticed because she looked at the ground smiling. I walked away, no matter how much I just wanted to grab her waist and pull her so close.


I didn't see her at all after that. I waited for her at lunch. She didn't come, neither did Niall. Me and the lads went to go look for her. I thought I saw her, in the library, but nope just Niall.....Niall and.....KIMBERLY!!!!!! That's who was kissing him, I felt so bad for Hayden. First her first boyfriend cheats on her and than it's with her good friend!

"Niall, what the hell?" I heard Louis yell. I guess the lads noticed that too.

"What?" he pulled away from Kim. She just looked at the ground, not daring to look at me. I wasn't heart broken fro me, I felt horrible for Hayden. I walked out of the room as I heard shouting as anger filled the room. I thought it would be best to leave. I continued to look for Hayden. I walked outside when I saw her. On the roof. The second I saw her I ran inside and found my way to the roof.


I heard running, someone was coming. I froze, knowing how much trouble I could get in. After me and Zayn talked in the morning, I couldn't bare it any longer. Niall broke me in under a week.

"Hi." his voice sounded as if he was hiding something.

"What do you know?" I asked. He chuckled a little, and than went back to being upset.

"I saw who Niall was kissing." he looked heart broken. I wanted to know, but I didn't know if I could take to hear it.

"Who?" I asked breaking the silence.

"Kimberly." he began to cry. I felt a tear run down my face. I really didn't want to hear it now. Niall....and Kimberly had broken me in under a week. I just ran into Zayn's arms. We both cried for what felt like an hour. He pulled himself up, and tried to smile but I couldn't. Everything was just really, really difficult. 

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