Those Five Guys

Hayden is in her last year of high school, having never kissed a guy! As the last three months are coming for school to end, she goes to her first party and meets five amazing new friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and that amazing Niall! She is learning how to live life fun! Hope you like it!


2. The Morning After

Thank God I don't drink! A lot of people were texting me saying how hungover they were. Even Niall told me he was a little drunk. I'm just happy he remembered me, to be honest I thought he would forget me. I looked at the time and it was only 9:00 am. I just got up to make myself food. Surely I knew my dad would be at work, like he always is. Things have been tough for him ever since my mother died in a car accident! She died almost 6 years ago. I miss her a lot, she was a truly great and caring person. Now my dad's just making sure he can pay the rent! We aren't poor, but my dad went through a 'mid-life crisis' and bought 2 really expensive cars. And since he wants to keep them he works a lot!

I made myself some food and got dressed, I didn't have plans I just wanted to not feel ugly. So, I was eating and I got a text form Niall saying;

"Hey, Hayden! I was wondering maybe you, me, Louis, Iris, and some of my friends could hang out? There's only three other guys they all go to our school and are in our grade. You in?"

I answered back really fast!

"Yeah I'd love to! Where?"

He answered fast too!

"The movies?"

"Yeah and could I bring three of my friends they also go to our school and are in our grade?"

"The more the merrier!!" That text made me smile. Than I called all the girls and asked. They were all in to go!

So, at 12;00 pm we went to the movies. I saw Niall, he ran up to me! He gave me a friendly hug.

"Hey! These are my friends, Ashley, Kimberly, and Madeleine. And you remember Iris." I said as I pointed them out to him. He said his hello's to them all.

"Nice to meet you! This is Harry, Liam and Zayn." Niall pointed them out.

Madeleine whispered in my ear "He's the one who threw the party, btw."

We all met each other and began talking about the weirdest things! We got into the conversations of spoons, cats, mirrors, food, and pigeons (<***YES I WENT THERE)! Like who talks about that stuff?

As we talked and talked I noticed Zayn looking at Kimberly. And Harry was looking at Ashley. And than I noticed Liam had a gaze toward Madeleine!!! I think they'd be really cute together! Too bad she's with Paul.

When the movie started we sat boy, girl, boy, girl and so on. It went; 

Zayn, Kimberly, Harry, Ashley, Niall, me, Louis, Iris, Liam, Madeleine (even though she wanted to sit with me, Louis thought it wouldn't be fare).


When the movie ended we all walked outside and decided to go to the park, because on a day like this in England you have to be outside! As we all walked we found a tree and decided to sit under it and play a fun game of Truth or Dare!

"Someone ask me!!!!" Louis yelled.

"Okay, Truth or dare?" Zayn asked.


"Okay I dare you to kiss Hayden!" Zayn yelled. Oh wait!! THAT'S ME!!!! Here goes my first kiss!

"Okay" Louis leaned in a little, I did too. He pressed is lips to mine and grabbed my neck with his hands. I held his wrists. The kiss was really amazing even though it was a silly dare! When it ended Niall then put his arm around me, just to show Louis I was his. Even though I wasn't, YET!

"Truth or Dare, Harry?"

"Uhhh, truth."

"Truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Everyone looked at  Liam like he was crazy! "Sorry I just always wanted to say that!" Everyone then laughed!

"Who's the hottest girl here?" Louis asked Harry.

"That's easy," Harry said, "Ashley!"

"Aww thanks Harry!" Ashley gave him a kiss on the cheek! Young love, SO CUTE!

"Truth or Dare, Hayden?"

"Well, I usually would pick truth! But since last night I feel crazy! So, dare me!" I said with courage!

"Okay, I dare you to kiss all the guys and say who's the best kisser!" Harry said well winking.

"Okay." So, I first kissed Zayn, he was good but to much tongue for me. Than I kissed Harry, I have to admit he was good but it seemed like he'd done that to many times, Than Louis, He wasn't bad but to much spit! Than Liam, (I saved Niall for last!) he was really good, really passionate and full of meaning. Last Niall, (I really want him to be good!) he was perfect! He knew where to put his tongue and somehow what I thought a kiss would feel like!

"So, who's your pick." Ashley asked me.

"Niall." I said, just that and nothing else!


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