Those Five Guys

Hayden is in her last year of high school, having never kissed a guy! As the last three months are coming for school to end, she goes to her first party and meets five amazing new friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and that amazing Niall! She is learning how to live life fun! Hope you like it!


3. Question's and other Things

It was now Monday morning, I got up bright and early. I was really looking forward to school. I used to hate it because people sometimes made fun of me. I don't understand why though, I mean I did nothing to them, so I just never understood them. But, whatever today was going to be different, I had Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall. I knew they'd help me with anything. I woke up to see that I had a text from Harry

"Hey, I just wanted to ask you, what's a good way to ask out Ashley? I really like her and want to go out with her but I'm scared she'll say no! Need help here!

"Harry, just ask. She won't say no, she likes you! Trust me."

I didn't think he'd answer so I hoped in the shower. The water was so cold, I like cold shower's in the morning, they really wake me up. I don't know why but they just do! Anyway's, once I got out I noticed I was running late! So, I pulled my hair up in a ponytail and threw on some blue skinny jeans, with my 'The Killers' T-shirt. I took one look in the mirror not having time to decide if I looked okay or not and was out the door!

Once I got to school I was so pleased to see that I made it there just on time. I didn't get to see any of my friends, so I just went to class and was waiting for class to began. When all of the sudden.....Niall came up from behind and kissed my cheek. I jumped when he did that, I guess I just wasn't use to the whole idea of being in a relationship. I Know that sounds a little crazy, because I'm 18 and haven't ever had a boyfriend. I think I found out why people thought I was so weird, I would too if I was them. Niall took a seat next to me. I didn't even know he was in this class.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Uh, this is my seat." he answered back a little rude.

"You aren't in this class," I really wasn't sure any more, "Are you?"

"Yeah, I've sat here since I started this class." he said back to me. I was starting to remember him. I did know him from before, I guess I never really noticed him until now.

"Oh yeah! Now I remember." I chuckled. He did too, I guess he didn't notice me until now either. Well this was a really fun class, Ms. North-land was a lot of fun. I'm really gonna miss her, and this drama class. I loved this school. I didn't understand that because I really usually hated it. But she made it better to me!

"Okay, class. Let's begin," Ms. North-land began, "I am happy to say that the seniors are putting on another play. Just a small one for the new freshmen's next year! And, I want, you, Miss. Hayden to lead. I hope that's alright?"

"Pardon? Me? Oh, um okay. I'll do it!" Normally I'd say no as fast as I could. But, like I've said, I'm a changing person!

"Perfect! Now Niall, will you be the lead male role?" she asked him.

He looked at me and put his arm around me, "Sure." I smiled at him as the teacher called us up and gave us the script. The play was really short, maybe 30 minutes, and it was called 'Welcome to High School' It was about a new girl to the school and meet's this boy and he guides her around the school. it sounded really good, from what I read.

The bell rang for the next class to start. I noticed Ash (Ashley) and Harry were talking. Once he stopped talking she nodded and hugged him. I think they're going out now. I noticed Harry smile and mouth the words 'Thank you' I just gave him a simple thumbs up. Yup, they were for sure going out now!


When the day came to lunch I noticed a rose and a note on my locker. I opened it, it said;

"Come see me in the library.


I went to see, something that killed me. I never wanted to see that happen to me. Niall kissing someone!! And I mean French Kissing! I began to cry. I took one look at the note, someone knew this was going on. And that means this has happened before! I hated myself, but more importantly, I hated Niall Horan! Anything he 'thought' we had was O-V-E-R!!!!!!!!! OVER!!!!

I ran away, I was crying at my locker. When I saw Louis coming after me.

"Hey, Love. Why are you crying?" Louis asked as he sat next to me. Our backs on the lockers. I told him everything, from my first boyfriend to him cheating on me, to someone putting it in a note and telling me. He asked to see the note. I showed him it. He didn't know who wrote it.

"Well, they must be in our group of friends," he began, "because you guy's haven't gone public yet. But if it was the lads I would know who's hand writing. And I think you would know if it was Madeleine, Ash, Kim, or Iris' handwriting. So, I really don't know what to tell you. I'm so sorry Hayden." He put his arm around me and we sat there until classed had to begin again. I went to the wash room as fast as I could to fix myself up and walked off to class, really upset and broken.....and hurt.

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