Those Five Guys

Hayden is in her last year of high school, having never kissed a guy! As the last three months are coming for school to end, she goes to her first party and meets five amazing new friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and that amazing Niall! She is learning how to live life fun! Hope you like it!


1. My First Friday Night

Well, here I am, 5'7, 18 year old me. I have long blonde hair with short bangs at the front of my face. I was a little bit of a nerd. I was sitting at Starbucks writing my drama report (I know it's weird but my school wants to know what are favourite part of that class was). My favourite thing in my drama class was, when we did a play. I wasn't the lead or anything too big. I had the perfect sized role if you ask me! So, once I finished my report I was just finishing my coffee; when I noticed that a lot of people from my school had just arrived. I kinda knew they'd be there, I mean it is a Friday and most of them like to stay here with friends after school.

"Hey!" I said to my best friend in the whole world, Madeleine!

"Oh, hey! What's up?"

"Nothing, just finishing my report."

"You're done?!?!" She couldn't believe it!

I nodded, "yeah."

"Oh, wanna go to a party tonight?" she asked. Even though she was wasting her time, because I WON'T go!


"Please it's at this really cute seniors house!"


"Harry Styles." She said as if I knew him.

"I don't know him. Is he new?"

"What?!?!?! How don't you know him he's been here forever! He is really tall with brown curly hair and emerald green eyes! He's stunning!" She said. And I can't deny it he sounded really attractive. I decided last minute to go.....

"Alright, I'll go!" I said as she gave me a shocked look, "What?"

"Nothing. I just didn't think you'd go! But whatever I'll pick you up at 8:30 sharp!"She than told me what to wear and how to look. And I just nodded in agreement.


I got out of the shower and checked the time, "Only 6:00. I got time."

I brushed my hair and curled it just as Madeleine told me too. I than put on my purple, strapless, mullet dress with diamonds on the bust it had a sweetheart neck line I wore that with a thin brown belt and simple black heels. It looked really good with my kinda tanned skin. I last did my makeup with a light gold eye-shadow and pink lipstick with a little blush. I looked at myself in awe! I looked formal but still causal! Guys will fall for me!


Knock knock knock

It was Madeleine! I opened the door to let her in. She was wearing a nude pink cocktail dress with a denim jacket and brown boots! She looked stunning and eye catching!

"Good to know you listened to me! You look hot!!" Madeleine said and she snapped her fingers in a 'Z' formation. I chuckled from seeing her do that.

"Thanks! You look great too! I really love the hair half up on you!" I said as I winked at her. We were both laughing this time! We said goodbye to my dad and headed out the door.

When we got there the music was blasting! The house was white and clean-cut, it was no doubt this Harry person was rich! When we walked in there was a ton of heat and it hit me! The room was boiling. I look over to see Madeleine already talking to her boyfriend, Paul (Pauly) Higgins. He was nice, but it felt like sometimes he always tried to steal my best friend away from me! Which I know wouldn't happen because last Valentines day she ditched him to hang out with me so I wouldn't be alone. Oh how I love that girl!!!

I decided I was thirsty, I needed water or just something to drink! I made my way to the kitchen! Where I saw three girls I knew, Ashley, Kimberly and Iris! I ran up to them and and said hello, they were all shocked to see me as i hugged each of them!

"You came!!!!" Iris said as she handed me a drink.

"Yeah I did!" I couldn't believe it myself, "What is this?"

"Don't worry only pop, we know you don't drink, silly!" Ashley said. I chuckled and took a sip. It was Sprite, my favourite!

"So," Kimberly continued, "Is Madeleine here too? I know she hates missing parties!"

"She's with.....him" I moaned!

"Damn!" Iris said, "She's my dancing buddy! Will you dance with me Hayden?" She pout out her hand wanting me to say yes.

"Sure. Why not?" Something has come over me!

There we were hand in hand dancing to the music and it was really a lot of fun! And than all of the sudden to guys I never saw before asked if they could join. We agreed and I can't deny it they were cute! The one I was dancing with was kinda short but still tall. He was blonde but it looked like some parts were brown. He had amazing blue eyes! iris was dancing with this tall goof ball. He had brown hair and was really cute!

"So what are your names?" The blonde one asked me and Iris.

"Well, I'm Iris and this is my good friend Hayden. This is her first party!" I hated Iris for saying that no matter how true it was!

"Freshmen?" The brunette one asked.

"No, sadly, seniors!" I admitted.

 "We are too! What school do you go to?" the blonde one seemed curious.

"W.C.H.S." Iris said. (West Chester Hight School)

"Wow! Us too! Why don't we know you than? We know ALL the hot seniors" The brunette winked at Iris than me.

"Anyway's, I'm Niall Horan and this is Louis Tomlinson!" Niall said.

Once the song came to a end we said goodbye and added our numbers into each others phones. Niall was in my head for the rest of the night!




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