Those Five Guys

Hayden is in her last year of high school, having never kissed a guy! As the last three months are coming for school to end, she goes to her first party and meets five amazing new friends, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and that amazing Niall! She is learning how to live life fun! Hope you like it!


6. Getting back on my Feet

****AUTHOR'S NOTE- Sorry for lack of updating. Just been busy. I'm gonna try to update every fanfic every other weekend. So one weekend this story and next weekend another on and so on.



It had been a week since the party, and almost a week and a half since I found out about Niall and Kim. I didn't know if Kim and I could ever be friends again...I don't know if that's what I wanted. She was nice, but after what she did it was hard to look and her and trust her. I know something though, I had a now strong hatred for none other than Niall Horan! Everyone thought I was crazy because Niall was so 'loveable and caring'. But everyone makes mistakes. I still didn't know what I thought of Zayn. He's cute, I'll give him that, and he's always there for me, but I just don't want to get hurt again. I was in such a deep thought when I was woken by a loud bell. Reminding me I was in school. This wasn't like me, not listening in class and going out to party's. I've only known these boys for less then a month and already my life has changed. I knew I had to get my life back to normal! And forget about boys totally!

"Hey! And how are we today?" Liam ran up behind me. Dammit this kids making it hard to avoid them!

"Uh hey. I gotta go." I rushed off too my next class, not daring to look back at him. I guess I did a great job of not paying attention because I ran right into, none other than.....Niall. Oh great!

"Hi, sorry." Niall looked at me picking up my books. I didn't say anything to him, because simply enough I had nothing to say that boy. I got up and continued to walk away. I felt a little bad, because I knew Niall, and Kimberly. Niall wouldn't do this to any girl, but I know Kimberly would have no problem. What she want's, she tends to get. But then, of course, I remembered it happened FIVE TIMES! And I got over the fact I felt bad.


She was so beautiful. Why did I let that happen? I know she should have so much better then me. I really truly love Hayden more then anything! But know she won't even as much as look at me. I saw her walking in the halls, not paying attention to anything, so I pretended to walk into her. Hoping she'll talk to me, or listen to me, or even look at me! But she didn't, I ran right into her and said sorry and hi. Praying for something out of her. Why did Kimberly do this to me? I won't ever put all the blame on her, I mean I did let it happen.

But I had a reason! A good one too! You see, when we were all playing truth or dare, that was kinda my first kiss. And I didn't know why Hayden picked me, maybe just to be nice. And I know this is bad, but I had to make sure that the next time I kissed her she fell in love with me. I asked Kimberly for one simply kiss and then she took it over the top. And then she kept saying she'll tell everyone if I stopped. So, I did it again and again and so on. But that was stupid of me, because somehow Hayden found out. I wasn't mad that she saw, I was mad I let it happen! But what I still don't know is how'd it all happen? wouldn't! Would she? She would! Kimberly said something to her!

I had to find out, and then tell Hayden the truth, and pray for the best. I have to get her back before Zayn get's to her. I've always known Zayn liked her, but now without me in the picture, he has a chance! I love Zayn, he's a mate. But why is it I can't once just get the girl? It's always whoever I like, she falls for Harry, or Zayn, or Louis, or Liam! It's just not fair any more! I will get Hayden back, even if it's the last thing I do!

"Last thing I do!" I whispered to myself.



***AUTHOR'S NOTE- I know it's really short, but I have twist and turns coming this way soon. Also, follow my 1D fan page on twitter. @ShannonQuigley5 and my other account @ShannonQuigley8  and follow my 1D Instagram account too! @My5Husbands123 and my other one too, @ShannonQuiggs!!! Follow me! I follow back!     

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