Back in the saddle

Ellie has always loved being an ameteur jockey. The prospect of horseracing has never scared her before the day of the accident.........................
When an offer to ride one of the best racehorses in the world comes up Ellie doesn't think she has the courage to lay eyes on a horse again.......................
Ellie has a choice to make. She can face her fears and get back in the saddle or avoid her destiny forever.


1. Midnight Dreams

20 year old Ellie turned out her bedside lamp and dozed off to sleep. She hadn't had the dream for ages now so she no longer feared going to sleep. 

Tonight, though, the dream drifted into her while she was sleeping.

There was a thud a crack and the shot of a gun. Ellie opened her eyes, tears pouring down her face. I need help, she thought to herself as she buried her head in her pillow, I can't live the rest of my life like this. 

Sweat was pouring from her forehead and she was shaking uncontrolably. She needed to talk to someone about her accident. Years of pretending everything was fine had taken its toll on her. 

Ellie had been a different person up until the day of the accident when she was't ever the same again. 

She drifted back into a fitful sleep and had the dream again.

A thud, a crack, a shot of a gun.

She awoke in the morning, sobbing aloud. She had to talk to somebody. She flounced downstairs and picked up her pink mobile phone. She dialled in the number of her old trainer, the trainer who stabled that horse.............

"Hello," a gruff voice answered from the other side, "Who's this?" "This is Ellie," she answered, "I need to talk to somebody and you fitted the bill." "I expected this call. Ever since the day you left the stables after you're accident I knew that something had changed you. Come to me at lunch and talk your feelings out," the trainer cooed. Ellie put down the reciever and took a deep breath. She had never talked about the accident before but there had to be a first for everything.

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