R5 Preferences/Imagines

i love R5 and i havent found any imagines or preferences about them so i thought id give ot a try. leave your name, hair color, eye color and which member( i'll even do Ryland), sorry if they suck im new at this


10. Treston and Ratliff

Enjoy after the long wait i think it turned out pretty good maybe let me know what you thinkz


- ----------

Trestons POV:

So today my friend had set me up on a blind date, and although I hate surprises I'm actually quite excited because Miranda (random) has excellent taste and can find anyone the perfect boy.


*Date time* ( couldn't figure out to elaborate that)

Same POV

It was 7:00 when Miranda picked me up to take me to the date " so Miranda who's the mystery boy" I persisted " girl no matter what you do I'm not gonna tell you." Well then i thought. We had arrived and i saw a beautiful picnic set out, but that's not the best part my date was Ratliff yes as in Ellington Ratliff from R5! I swear I almost choked Miranda when i hug her saying "thank you thank you" all she said was "your welcome now get out and enjoy your date" I laugh and went over to Ratliff introducing myself. 

Ratliffs POV(filler to tell you what's going on in his head)

wow Treston was one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen my cousin M really does have good taste!

Authors POV

Treston and Ratliff, after introductions sat down and enjoy the food and obviously eachothers company. Nearing the end of the night Ratliff asked Treston to dance, and although there was no music she agreed and they danced the night away, living happily ever after (gosh that's soo cheesy) THE END! 


Btw there may or may not be 1 or 2 up tommorow I'm not making any promises but well see bye my petit croissants! ( that's like your official name now cause i like it)



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