R5 Preferences/Imagines

i love R5 and i havent found any imagines or preferences about them so i thought id give ot a try. leave your name, hair color, eye color and which member( i'll even do Ryland), sorry if they suck im new at this


3. Imagine: Nathalie and Ross

Nathalie Pov:

Today was the day i was going out with Ross as in Ross lynch, I'm so excited. We had met at a meet and greet where he had asked me out. It was 5:00 and ross was picking me up at 7:00 so i decide to start getting ready now. I had put on a short kinda flowy pink dress since pink was r5's color, my chestnut brown hair was curled and i had put mascara, smokey eye shadow and cherry lip gloss on. After i had finished getting ready Ross had come.

Ross had lead me to his car when I asked "so where are we going"

he replied "it's a surprise"

after a while i realized that we where at the CN tower. He took me to the top floor where a table surround by rosé petals and candles 

i looked at Ross and breathed out " it's beautiful no one has ever done anything like this for me thank you"

Ross blushed while replying " only the best for you"

No ones POV

Ross and Nathalie had the best night talking and laughing at almost anything. Both of them never wanted it to end but alas it did( dont ask where alas came from cause idk)

Ross's POV

I was so nervous cause i really liked Nathalie  and i wanted her to be my mine but i was scared she would say no, but I decided to try

" hey Nathalie can i ask you something" " sure what is it Ross"

"wi.. Will you be my girlfriend" Nathalie embraces me and excitedly says " of course Ross I'd love to!"

"Well then how about joining me on tour?" " wouldn't miss it for the world" 

no ones Pov 

nathalie joined Ross on tour and they lived happily ever after also instantly clicked with Rydel and they became best friends 

Special thanks to Nathalie to being the first commenter , what did you think, was it bad or good 

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