R5 Preferences/Imagines

i love R5 and i havent found any imagines or preferences about them so i thought id give ot a try. leave your name, hair color, eye color and which member( i'll even do Ryland), sorry if they suck im new at this


6. Dezzy and Rocky

Imagine just finishing dance class with your best friends Nora and Peyton (random people). You guys decided to head to the park and hang around on the monkey bars. While you guys were hanging all the sudden something hit you in the head and you fell off the monkey bars, "Ross , watch where you throw the football" you heard a voice say, again it spoke " are you okay" "yea I'm okay" you reply. He helped you up and you realized it was Rocky from R5. "what's your name" "Dezzy" "well Dezzy how would you like to go out for dinner tonight?" You replied "love to". 

And that kids is how I met your mother, Rocky had just finished telling Karla and Andrew(your 2 kids how you guys had met. Karla always loved hearing how you met. The end 

sorry its so short I'm having some serious writers block, hope you liked it anyways Byeeee!!!

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