R5 Preferences/Imagines

i love R5 and i havent found any imagines or preferences about them so i thought id give ot a try. leave your name, hair color, eye color and which member( i'll even do Ryland), sorry if they suck im new at this


12. Annie and Ross (better late than never?)

"Annie."  You ignore the person calling your name along with the gummy bear that flew over your book and landed on your lap.  Ross has been sitting on the floor across from you trying to divert your attention from the book to him even though he knows that you have to finish the book and write a reflection as your summer assignment.  "Annie!" Ross calls, tossing a handful of gummy bears at you.  "You’re wasting gummy bears," you deadpan.  You hear Ross get up and walk towards you.  "No, I’m not," he says as he picks a bear from your hair and pops it into his mouth.  "Gross," you say as you make a face.  "Can we do something?  I’m bored," Ross whines.  "I want to Ross, believe me but you know I can’t.  I have to finish this book."  You return your focus to the book but a few seconds later, it’s out of your hands and being dangled around in the air above your head.  You look up to see Ross smirking.  "Ross!"  "What?" he asks, feigning innocence.  "Please give me back my book," you say.  "You can have it if you can get it from me," Ross replies.  Sighing, you stand up from your chair and reach for the book but Ross holds it up even higher.  You cross your arms and pout.  "That’s not fair, you’re like a head taller than me!"  "Then jump Ann," Ross replies nonchalantly.  You roll your eyes but jump anyway.  Every time your fingers grazed the book, Ross would raise it higher and laugh.  "I hate you," you huff as you fall back into the chair.  "You love me," Ross says smugly.  "I’ll love you once you give me back my book," you say, holding your hand out.  Ross looks from you to the book and back to you.  "If I give it back, will you do something with me?" he asks, a spark of hope in his eyes.  "I told you, I can’t.  I want to, I do, but I can’t," you sigh.  Ross pouts and holds the book behind his back.  "Then you’re not getting the book back," he says grudgingly.  Sighing, you look around the room, trying to find something to keep Ross occupied so that you can continue reading.  The blonde walks away from you and returns to his spot on the floor and starts eating his gummy bears.  "Can I have one?" you ask, gesturing to the bag.  "Not until you agree to save me from boredom and do something with me," Ross replies.  You groan as you stand up and walk over to join Ross on the floor.  You reach for the bag of gummy bears but Ross shoots up and holds the bag above his head, along with your book.  "Jump Ann," he taunts.  "Will you ever stop teasing me about my height?!” you shriek as you stand up and cross your arms over your chest.  ”Aw, come on Ann,” Ross says as he lowers the stuff in his hands.  ”I wasn’t trying to be mean.”  ”Are you sure?  Because you always seem to tease me about how short I am every chance you get,” you say, tilting your head to look at the floor.  ”I’m already insecure enough about it as it is.”  You feel Ross wrap his arms around you and pull you closer to him.  ”I’m sorry Annie, I didn’t know I was hurting your feelings,” he says.  ”Believe it or not, I actually love the fact that you’re shorter than me.  I love the fact that I have to lean down a little to kiss you and you have to stand on your tippy toes to kiss me.  I love it when we hug and I get to place my chin on top of your head and you get to lean against my chest.  I love the fact that you have to tilt your head up a little to look at me when we talk.  And I like your shortness because it makes me feel like I can protect you.”  You smile widely at Ross’ confession.  ”You like my ‘shortness’?” you ask.  ”I love your shortness,” Ross replies, smiling.  ”Good, because I love your tallness,” you state.  ”But I’m still gonna need to finish reading.”  You hold out your hand for the book.  Ross sighs and was about to give it to you when he runs out of the room with it.  ”You’ll have to catch me first,” he shouts as he runs out into the hallway.  ”Are we gonna do this with speed now?!”  You run after him and even though your question made you sound angry, Ross didn’t miss your laughter that was echoing down the hall. 


Well its Tuesday not Monday but like in the title it's better late than never? So i actually didnt write this one I'm kinda have had a mind blank but anyways i got this on tumblr from Justimagine... No copyright intended love ya bye mein litte croissants (little German for ya)

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