R5 Preferences/Imagines

i love R5 and i havent found any imagines or preferences about them so i thought id give ot a try. leave your name, hair color, eye color and which member( i'll even do Ryland), sorry if they suck im new at this


7. Abbey and Riker

Abbey's POV

It was the end of the softball game and my team had won, I saw my boyfriend Riker run up to me "Abbey im soo proud of you" "thanks Riker'' "lets celebrate with pizza!'

Riker's POV

Me and abbey headed to the the pizza place. My real reason to go here was i proposing, i hope she says yes it make me soo happy

No Ones POV

When Abbey bit into her pizza she found something hard, she pulled it out of the pizza and saw it was a beautiful diamond ring.she looked up and saw that riker was on 1 knee " Will you Marry me?" Abbey started cry and barely made out a yes. they got married and had 2 beautiful girls named Cassidy and Heather.

The End

Sooo sorry i havent updated in foreverr but i still have writters block, theres a possibilty when i lose this writers block i'll make the last two longer cause theyre really really short but hope you enjoyed anyways


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