It All Started In The USA

Me, my younger sister, my older brother, and my parents were boarding a plane to go to the USA from Ireland for vacation. The thing is, I didn't know my whole life was about to change in the USA. It all starts with meeting a boy that lives in Ireland. Will there be love, and trust, or drama, and heartbreak???


2. Going To The Airport

Melody's P.O.V.: My family and I were on our way to the airport. My parents talking about nothing, and anything. My older brother playing games on his IPhone, and my little sister playing on her 3DS. I was on my IPod Touch (listening to music), and texting my friend, Emily. My phone vibrated indicating I had a text.

E- I'm going to miss you. In fact, I'm already missing you.

M- I'm already missing you to. It would be way more fun if you came.

E- SAME, but noooooo, my parents just had to say no. But oh well, I'll (hopefully) be ok if you take pics, and bring (me) back souvenirs. (hint hint ;))

M- Trust me I will take pics and bring (you) back souvenirs.

E- Kk just making sure.

I was about to respond when Mum yells "Ok guys, were here!!!" I quickly respond to Emily:

M- Yup, but I have to go now. I'll text you b4, and after the plane ride.

E- Kk, have a safe flight!!! Bye!!!

M- Thx, and bye!!!

With that we got our luggage out of the car, and into the shuttle bus. We all sat quietly looking out the windows until we arrived at the airport.  We gave the workers at the airport our luggage, and headed off to security. After security, we walked to our gate. Then either we could sit and wait, or walk around. I walked around and got Starbucks, a donut, and 2 magazines for the plane ride. I texted Emily like I said earlier. "Flight 619D now boarding at gate 7. Flight 619D now boarding at gate 7. Thank you." With that I headed back to gate 7, and boarded the plane. Then before I know it were in the sky. I put my ear buds in, and drifted off to sleep listening to One Direction, Ed Sheeren, and Cher Lloyd.

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