Little Did She Know

He was waiting for her to come home, in the darkest shadows. *Three monthly competition.*


1. Little Did She Know

   I think I actually love her, he thought.  He was young.  Too young to feel such passion, but it was there, nevertheless.  He waited for her to come home from school, in the darkest shadows.  She said she would come back, she never lied.  What if she's dead, he thought to himself, gone.  He trembled, I should have walked her home.  I wish I knew I loved her before. It was night.  The breeze whistled through his short, black hair.  

   Maybe she forgot.  She could have walked home and gone to sleep.  She could be perfectly fine.  But this didn't cross his mind.  He knew she wasn't.  Something was wrong.


Little did she know...


    The street, where they were to meet about five hours before, was small and narrow.  Tree's lined the cobble stone road. No cars drove by.  Hardily anyone knew of the place.  He felt safe there.  His parents must have been so nervous.  School was let out six hours ago.  I hate it, he thought.  I hate, hate, hate it!  He screeched a terrible sound.


Little did she know...


  "I hate it all!" He shouted. He wanted the entire world to hear!  "It hurts!" He felt used and awful.  The world was suddenly empty.  Until yesterday, his world was math, science and chemistry.  His world was popularity, annoying siblings and his mother and father.  Now, his entire world was one thing.  Her.


Little did she know...


    Pain.  It hurt more than the time Billy Rogerson shoved his long nail down his  forehead.  The darkness was awful.  He was alone.


Little did she know...


  He fell asleep in the grassy patch by the street.  He needed to wait for her.  He longed for.  He would not leave.  He would not move.  He had to stay.  He must stay.  There's no choice.   But, he must rest.


Little did she know...


  When he woke up, it was morning.  She still wasn't there.  She may never come.


Little did she know...  He actually loved her.





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