One Direction Imagines

I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information.
Please include imagine suggestings with:
favorite activity
How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.)
What boy you want in it.
Additional information.
If you want seperate ones for all boys I will ask you to make five seperate comments.
Any questions? Comment them and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


10. Mayte-Liam

You walked outside remembering all the things you used to do on every Wednesday years ago. *Flashback* ''Mom! I'm going to the tree!'' You hollard waiting for a response. ''Okay Mayte! Be back for dinner!'' Your mom hollard back to you. You slipped on your sneakers and headed outside. You were already late which made you dash down the street. You ran at a fast, but steady pace flinching everytime your nike's slamed on the cement sidewalk. You saw him leaning against the big tree that stood tall and wide in the middle of the park. ''Liam!'' You said as you got closer you his face lit up. You stood there panting for air as Liam waited for an explanation of your lateness. ''I...uh...had detention.'' You said. ''Again? Mayte! What did you do this time?'' Liam said with that sneeky grin which made his georgous eyes to apear shut. ''I didn't do anything that bad! Mrs. Rielley ALWAYS goes overboard.''you replied. Mrs. Rielley was your sixth grade science teacher who lied to Liams parents about how he acts in class because he never liked her. He was never bad though. He just didn't like her, that's all. Since then you always caused trouble in her class because you felt like she deserved it. ''What did you do Mayte?'' Liam asked. ''I put glue on all her papers because she said I was bad. So I showed her what a bad girl does.'' You said giggling. liam bursted into laughter and so diid you. *Back to imagine* Those were good times. You guys were only ten then. You also remember when you and Liam were dating. You guys were only 14 he was so cute the way he cared for you. He was better than most grown men. He gave you flowers, chocolate and rings. You never wanted him to though. But he refussed to stop. *flashback* You get home from school on wednesday and of course head down to the big tree. You get there and see Liam standing there leaning against the tre like every wednesday. But this time he wasn't as happy like he usually was. ''Hey Liam!'' You yelled and jumped into his open arms as he spun you around. ''Hey..'' he replied as he tried to keep a smile on his face. ''Whats wrong?'' You asked concerned. '' Mayte...I'm moving.'' He said in a depressed voice. You felt bad for him more than yourself because he always wanted to make it work out and he felt it couldnt. ''Hey. It's okay I hear long distance relationships work all the time. Think about how amazing it will be when we get to see eachother we will apreciate eachother even more. We can do this'' you said. And you did. You guys lasted throughout the whole thing. *Back to imagine* You leaned against the railing on the porch and felt two strong arms wrap around you. You held them close. You watched the little kids play in the yard. ''There ours you know.'' Your husband said and you nodded. ''I love you Mayte.'' He said. You turned around and he held your hips while your arms wrapped around his neck. ''I love you too Liam.''
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