One Direction Imagines

I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information.
Please include imagine suggestings with:
favorite activity
How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.)
What boy you want in it.
Additional information.
If you want seperate ones for all boys I will ask you to make five seperate comments.
Any questions? Comment them and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


13. Johana-Harry

"Am I that much of an embarrasment that you can't be seen with me?Am I really that horrible?" You question your "boyfriend". "Johana we can talk about this later don't make a scene" Harry tells you while grabbing your arm attempting to take you away. "NO HARRY" You  tell him sternly. "Johana please. Let's go."He replies. A bunch of papparazzi and fans have surrounded you but you don't care, you want answers and you want them now."I said no Harry" You repeat. "Johana your embarrassing me." He tells you while grabbing your arm again. You push his hand away and step forward a little. "I'm embarrassing you? HA, I'm embarrassing you. When you asked me out at that coffee shop Harry I didn't know that you wanted us to just be a little secret. Because that's all I am your little dirty secret that you want no one to find out of. Well guess what Harry I'm done I'm done with you I'm done with the sneaking around I'm done with all the freaking lies and games we've played" You tell him while trying not to curse in front of everybody. You see hurt in his eyes. "Johana please you know it's so much more than that" Harry begs you. You sigh and say "That's what I thought too"> You take off the promise ring he gave  and throw it at him. You hear 'awws you gave her a promise ring' and 'you messed up Harry' from the crowd. You push past everybody and walk home.

  "Jamie I'm gonna go get some Starbucks wanna come?" You ask your roommate."Uh yeah sure hold on" She answers. "ok let's go" She says.*Skipping car ride* You walk into the coffee shop it's same coffee shop that you met Harry in. It's been Ttwo weeks since everything happened. "um we'll have the usual" You tell the lady at the counter. You and Jamie take a seat and just chat about random stuff when you hear "Larry Stylinson your coffee is ready. You turn to look at the guy wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses on. He takes off his sunglasses as he passes you and winks.That's it?!?! He just winks when after two weeks of us breaking up he just winks ?!?!You get up and chase after him. "laRRY " yOU CALL OUT. hE TURNS AROUND.  "I know I-" You start only to have Harry cutting you off by kissing you. "I've missed you" He says breaking the kisss. "I have to but your still not off the hook" You tell him. HE chuckles. "Well let's talk about going public shall we"He says while putting his hand out for you to grab. You gladly accept and you go for walk together.


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