One Direction Imagines

I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information.
Please include imagine suggestings with:
favorite activity
How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.)
What boy you want in it.
Additional information.
If you want seperate ones for all boys I will ask you to make five seperate comments.
Any questions? Comment them and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


3. for Rebecca-Niall Horan.

You wake up and see Niall laying in bed with you. He's so cute when he sleeps. You see It's 7:00 and he has to get ready for work. You gently shake his sholder. ''Niall. Time to get up!'' You said in a sweet voice. He didn't move. He never does he pretends he's still sleping untill you freak out on him. ''Come on baby you gotta get up. I'm tired. I wanna go back to sleep. With that he popps one eye open. ''Lemmie sleep!'' He said turning on his side. You are about t get up when Louis, Zayn, Harry and Liam dart through the door. ''Time to get up! Time to get up! Time to get up Niall!'' All the boys said while jumping on the bed. ''Im not feeling too Well.'' Niall said. ''There is going to be chicken at the studio!'' Liam said and Niall shot out of bed and kissed your forehead. Before niall ever leaves you he says this ''i will love you forever and ever.''. And that's what he said and left the room. you loved this boy. ★★★★★★★★★★★★(three years later same day) You look at the clock and It's again 7:00. ''Baby, gotta get up.'' You say. He didn't move like usual. ''Niall. Got to get ready.'' You said patting his shoulder. He still didn't move. You tried again. ''Come on. Get up!'' He didn't even flinch. Now you wefe getting woried. Tears were forming in your eyes. ''HELP! PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP ME!'' You hollard at the top of your lungs. niall didn't wake up from this either. You heard footsteps running up the stairs. Your door flies open theirs the boys waiting for an explanation to your screaming. ''Please help! He won't wake up!'' You said as Louis darted over to him. He checked him pulse and heartbeat. ''Noth-nothing.'' Louis said with a gulp. You shook your head and slammed your hands against your mouth. Liam left the room to call the ambulance. You sat with each leg on each side of Niall and cupped his face. ''Baby! Please wake up! Please baby!'' You said with tears now pouring out of your eyes. He didn't move. ''Luv, there's nothing we can do about it. He's gone.'' Harry said. He was crying too. ''No he's not! He PROMISED me forever and ever! I will NOT give up on him!'' You yelled at Harry although you knew he was right. You layed back down next to his cold, lifeless body. You layed your head on his chest. ''Forever and ever baby. Forever and ever.'' You whispeared as the ambulance came in and pulled you off of him. You kissed him before he was placed on a gernie and rushed to the hospital. You stared at the spot on the bed where he layed and felt a hand wrap around you. It was Louis. ''Hes not dead ya know.'' You whispeared. ''How can you be so sure?'' Louis said with a sniffle. ''Because he promised me. Forever and ever.'' You replied. Liam came in trying to hold back his tears to stay strong for you. ''Come here Liam.'' You said and opened your arms for him to lay in them. And he did. You wrapped your arms around him and he just cried in your sholder. ''Shhh. I know he will be fine.'' You said and held him tighter. You went to the hospital to see the result. Zayn sat in the waiting room wih his head in his hands and Harry rubbing his back. You sat next to Harry and rested your head on his chest. The doctor came in. ''Rebecca?" He asked. You stood up and walked to him. ''Would you like to see him?'' He asked you shook your head and ran into his room. There he was sleeping. Just like how he left you. You walked to the side of his bed and kissed his lips. Just then his eyes fluttered open. ''Niall!'' You yelled. ''You think I would've left you?'' He asked. You shook your head. ''No'' you replied. ''No matter what baby. Remember forever and ever.'' Niall said.
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