One Direction Imagines

I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information.
Please include imagine suggestings with:
favorite activity
How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.)
What boy you want in it.
Additional information.
If you want seperate ones for all boys I will ask you to make five seperate comments.
Any questions? Comment them and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


12. Claire-Liam

You decide to take your dog Liam out for a walk. You named him after one of the members from One Direction."C'mon Liam c'mon boy" You say in a baby-ish voice while patting your legs. You grab his collar and attach his leash. "I'm going now mom!"You shout not knowing where your mom is exactly. "Okay be safe and be back before dark oh and don't forget to stop look and listen when crossing a street and-"You mom blabs from the kitchen . She can be so overprotective I mean I'm already 18 mother you think to yourself. "Yes I know the drill mom bye now" You reply while leaving the house before she could reply. "I've tried playing it cool but when I'm looking at you I can never be brave 'cause you make my heart race" You sing to yourself. Liam stops to mark his territory so you sit on the bench waiting. "Shot me out of the sky your my krypitonite You keep making me weak yeah, frozen and can't breath" You sing again. Liam finishes and you start walking towards the park. "Some things gotta give now-Ahhhhhh" You scream. You can't move but know you have to but your just paralyzed. The car keeps getting closer and closer  not knowing your there. "HEY! WATCH OUT!" You hear a voice shout at you. All of a sudden you get pushed to the sidewalk and land on the ground with Liam beside you. "Are you okay?" You hear the same voice ask you. You look up to see 'The Liam' not your dog but 'the liam payne' whom you named your dog after. "uhm I um" You say startled. He chuckles while putting his hand out for you to take. You gladly accept and get up with Liam by your side. "I'm Liam by the way" Liam says while putting his hands in his pockets."My name's uhm my name is CLAIRE yeah Claire"You reply embarrased after realizing what you said. He chuckles again. "Thanks for saving by the way" You say changing the subject. "Your welcome I'd hate to see your beautiful face crushed if that's even possible" He tells you making you blush. "Thx" You say. "I love your eyes they're such a beautiful green" He compliments you again. You blush even more. He puts a strand of your chestnut hair to the side. "Um this is my dog" You tell him while stepping back a little. He looks down at your dog Liam. He bends down to pet him. "May I?" He asks you. You nod a yes. "What's his name" Liam asks you. "Uhm his name is ..... Liam" You answer while looking at the ground. "Oh like my name" Liam says. "I kinda named him after you" YOu tell him. He blushes. "I'm guessing your a fan then" He says standing back up. "Yeah" You reply. You notice it's getting late and your mom said to be back before it's dark. "I gotta go" You tell him, while walking away. "Wait you dropped your phone" Liam calls out. You turn around and grab your phone."I thought it was gonna be like some kind of Cinderella story" "But you known my name and what I look like" "True but I don't know where you live'' "You could find out on my phone" "Your not gonna make this easy now are you" "NoPe and I seriously gotta go before my mom wonders where I am" You tell him, while walking away again. "Wait" He calls out again. "You forgot something" He tells you. "What" You ask him. He walks towards you and says "This" then leans in and kisses you. He pulls away but you pull him in and kiss him again then run home.

     *knock knock* UGH! You turn around and open the door. TO your surprise you see Liam. "Um what's your number" He asks you. You giggle. "You came here just to ask that" You ask him. "Yeah" He answers while blushing."Well it would have been like a Cinderella story after all" You comment while writing your number on his hand. "Thanks bye" "Bye" You shut the door and smile like a fool to yourself. What a day you think.


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