One Direction Imagines

I will right a quick story staring YOU! All I will need is some basic information.
Please include imagine suggestings with:
favorite activity
How you look (eyes, figure,hair, ect.)
What boy you want in it.
Additional information.
If you want seperate ones for all boys I will ask you to make five seperate comments.
Any questions? Comment them and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


18. Allyson-Harry


Allyson Withers and Harry Styles

Allysons P.O.V

I can't belive that i am going to see Harry today , for the first time in  4 months. BRING BRING .... BRING BRING, I herd my phone ringing [ it must be harry!]  

Harry: I am about to land can you pick me up?

Me: sure on my way 


Harry's P.O.V

THE PLANE IS LANDING ! i haven't seen allyson in over 4 months, with tour and everything and her taking online high schooling (cause she would be crowded and bullied in school by fans ) we havn't had a good schedual to hang out .  The plane is landing so please take your seats and bukle your seatbelts please. i herd the slut of a flight attendant say. she has been flirting with me the whole plane ride to Hobbs, New Mexico. as i was getting of the plane i herd a squell and i looked over and say allyson. she ran over to me and i picked her up and kissed her while spinning around. after that people were just dtaring at us like we were crazy or somethiing , but i don,t care if people think we are crazy cause she is my girlfriend and nobody can break us apart.

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