Never Look Back

Lauren, also known by Lu Lu, is starting over her life after she and her best friends Maggie,Jade,Kristen,and Allison or Ally runs away from her orphanage and the cruel,mean,and selfish Miss Alexander. She runs till she can barely breath. But then she sees a HUGE house. Someone runs outside and tries talking to Lauren and her friends. He says his name is Zayn. Some more stuff happens..... but you will have to read to figure out.


3. They Find Us

Niall`s P.O.V.


I was over at Zayn`s house with the lads. It was poker night and I had been losing ALL night. I looked out the window and saw a couple of girls. I think 5. "Hey guys theres some girls, I think 5 outside. Lets go check on them. They don`t look to good." I say. We all run outside and Harry must have thought they were fangirls or something so he shouted " HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??" As soon as they saw Harry and hear him yell they start running. " Well great! You`ve done it now Harry!!" Zayn yells. I start running after the girls with the rest of the lads not far behind." STOP!" I yell. " WERE NOT GOING TO HURT YOU !!!" Louis yells. One girl turns around and asks "You`re not?" . We all shake our heads no. Her and the rest of the grls stop running and come back. " Come with us." Liam says. Were all panting really hard now so we all go inside and get a glass of water. I try offering one to the girls but they refuse. After a LOT of persuading they take the glasses and gulp the water down. "See you were thirsty! Want some more?" I ask and they all shake their heads yes very fast. " Well while you guys get some food and something to drink, I`ll go and make your beds." Zayn says. "No thats really okay we will find somewhere else" Lauren says. " We don`t need a place to stay." She says. "Then where are you staying??" Zayn says. "I don`t really know." Lauren whispers. "Then you are staying here!!!!!!!!!!!!" Zayn yells. They all nod and Zayn and Liam walk off to go get the sheets and pillows then make the beds in the spare bedroom. " Sooooo" I say. Trying to make a conversation. "Where are you guys heading?" I ask.


AUTHORS NOTE-Hey im looking for a co-author or 2 so please coment me if you want to be one.

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