Never Look Back

Lauren, also known by Lu Lu, is starting over her life after she and her best friends Maggie,Jade,Kristen,and Allison or Ally runs away from her orphanage and the cruel,mean,and selfish Miss Alexander. She runs till she can barely breath. But then she sees a HUGE house. Someone runs outside and tries talking to Lauren and her friends. He says his name is Zayn. Some more stuff happens..... but you will have to read to figure out.


2. Running Away

Lu Lu`s P.O.V.



It was 2 A.M. in the morning. Me and the girls finally decided it was the right night to run away. Miss Alexander was dead drunk and passed out in her room. We all grabbed our few items and threw on our jackets. We carefully snuck out the door saying bye to everyone as we left. It was so sad to say bye to Sophie. She was only 3 and was so fragile. I looked her in the eyes. I then said "Sophie look at me" she looked me in my eyes. " Sophie ,Morgan and Amanda are going to watcg you and make sure your o.k. Are you going to promise me to talk when I leave?" I have to say that cause whenever i am gone she never talks to anyone. She whispers a tiny "Yes" and then lays down and goes to sleep. I wave bye and we run out the door. Just as we leave we see the lights swith on and Miss Alexander come out. As soon as we see her we run as fast as we can. We run until we can`t breathe. We end up in front of a HUGE house and we just stare.


Jade`s P.O.V.





We ran for about 3 hours i think and were becoming really thirsty. " Guys I am DYING of thirst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They all agree and shake their heads yes.

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