Never Look Back

Lauren, also known by Lu Lu, is starting over her life after she and her best friends Maggie,Jade,Kristen,and Allison or Ally runs away from her orphanage and the cruel,mean,and selfish Miss Alexander. She runs till she can barely breath. But then she sees a HUGE house. Someone runs outside and tries talking to Lauren and her friends. He says his name is Zayn. Some more stuff happens..... but you will have to read to figure out.


1. Intruduction

Lauren`s P.O.V.


My name is Lauren, but everyone calls me Lu Lu. I have mid length sandy blonde hair, blue/green eyes and i am the most hyper and crazy. My cousin Jade has long brown hair,brown eyes,and a really bubbly personality. Maggie has green eyes,REALLY LONG brown hair and is the most calm. Kristen is the second most crazy and has short brown hair, and the brightest blue eyes i have ever seen. And then theres Allison, we all call her Ally though. She has these weird gray eyes that scare the crud out of all of us when shes mad , because they turn red when she is mad!!

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