Always And Forever (a 1D fanfic)

Rose is a model doing daily photo shoots and meeting people, she never really stayed in touch with them, until she meet One Direction. The boys can tell Harry has the hots for her, but will he make a move??


17. your early!!?

Harry's POV

So we were leaving the studio early, I was so exited I'd get to come home early to Rose!

When Paul dragged me to his office...

"Look Harry, it's not that we don't want you to be in a relationship but...." He started.

"Paul were are you going with this?" I asked nervous

"Harry, the fans hate her, either break up with her or you're out of the band!" he seemed both happy and guilty....

"I'll give you some time to think about it..."

*Now home*

"Rose!" I called "Rosie, I'm home!" I began to get worried

First I looked in the lounge, nothing. Our room, nope.

I heard sobbing coming from the kitchen.. "Rose, baby are you in here?" I asked getting more worried.

"Why do your fans hate me?" She asked, through sobs.

"I don't know, but today I got told if I didn't break up with you I'd have to leave the band and I've made my choice...."

"Ha-rr-rry, you go be with your band have fun tour the world, live..." she told me, I knew she was lying, she wants me right hear; and that's where i will stay.

"Rosie baby... I'd never leave you, so I'm leaving the band....." I told her.


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