Always And Forever (a 1D fanfic)

Rose is a model doing daily photo shoots and meeting people, she never really stayed in touch with them, until she meet One Direction. The boys can tell Harry has the hots for her, but will he make a move??


1. The Email

-Rose's P.O.V.-

"Oh my god!!" I yelled

"What is it Rose?" Emily asked.

I tossed her my IPhone, the email still up on my screen.

It read: All those attending the Vouge Magazine photo shoot on Monday the 21st April, this is the schedule for the day please plan your days activities according to your time.

Photo Room

7:00am- Katy Perry (inter view to follow), Little Mix (Interviewed beforehand at 6:30am) and Jessie J (interview after Katy Perry)

8:00am- Rose Mears (modeling for H&M) One Direction (Interviewed at 7:30am)and Emily Speare (also modeling for H&M)

9:00am- Olly Murs and Justin Bieber

Coffee from the on set Starbucks will be available all morning as well as breakfast options.

Yours Sincerely,

Vouge Magazine.


"I know Rose, I got the email this morning!" she giggled at my fan girling, typical.

Emily's P.O.V.

I can see why Rose was so exited, I mean, it's One Direction!! In secret, I've always kinda liked the one who wears stripes all the time, you know, what's he called Lewis maybe; no that's not it.



Hey guys, nobody will read my story but im gonna put it up anyway. If you are reading this than THANK YOU!!! hope you enjoy my story oh and i m predending they're all single in this ok? good



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