Always And Forever (a 1D fanfic)

Rose is a model doing daily photo shoots and meeting people, she never really stayed in touch with them, until she meet One Direction. The boys can tell Harry has the hots for her, but will he make a move??


5. Nando's

Emily's P.O.V.


"Hey Rose you wanna go get a Nando's with the girls?" I asked

"Sure can we invite Harry and Louis?"


Me: Hey Louis, do you and Harry wanna go to Nando's tonight with me rose and a few other friends

Louis: Sure, can I bring the other boys??

Me: yeah sure x

Louis: Ok x :D

*at nando's*

"So Rose, you wanna introduce me to your friends?" Harry asked

"oh sure, this is Georgia, Maddison, Tooba and Bella." She replied

"Tooba, where are you from?" Liam enquired

"Pakistan, what about you?"

"Wolverhampton, nowhere to exiting, I've always wanted to go to Pakistan."

"Cool you should come with me some time."

"I'd love to."

Yep Tooba and Liam have hit it off



just noticed i have 22 readers well thanks to the 22 beautiful people who like my story!! Oh and Tooba I hope u liked your conversation with Liam Payne!!!


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