Always And Forever (a 1D fanfic)

Rose is a model doing daily photo shoots and meeting people, she never really stayed in touch with them, until she meet One Direction. The boys can tell Harry has the hots for her, but will he make a move??


6. Nando's (Maddison's P.O.V)

Maddison's P.O.v.

I really like Niall,  I mean when I look at posters of them in shops and stuff, he's the one I like. I just can't think what to say to him... "So Niall how's Ireland?"

"Amazing and what was  it like growing up in England?"

"Dull." LOL

"hahaha, what's your job, modeling too?"

"Um, no I work at Radio 1, tomorrow's my first show."

"Good luck, hey what time is it on I'll listen out for it."

"1pm, and you could come with me, for moral support."

"I'd love to, not that you'll need it."


"You wanna stay at mine tonight?"

"Yeah, I've been staying at Tooba's but I think Liam might be taking my bed, or the other side of Tooba's.."

We both turned to see some serious snog action from Liam and Tooba!!

"Let's go!" Niall said


Hi my beautiful readers, Hope you liked this chapter, whats going on with Tooba and Liam are they dating??

Oh well and as for maddi, she really deserves somone like Nialler, after Jake, will she move in?? THE SUSSPENCE!!



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