Always And Forever (a 1D fanfic)

Rose is a model doing daily photo shoots and meeting people, she never really stayed in touch with them, until she meet One Direction. The boys can tell Harry has the hots for her, but will he make a move??


23. Finally...

Emily's P.O.V.

Rose has been let out of therapy, she doesn't need it anymore and according to Louis' text neither does Harry! I think they're both ready to move on.

We got home to Maddi and Tooba watching Alan Carr Chatty Man  oh god, One Direction are on there... The last thing Rose needs is to hear Harry's voice again...

Rose's P.O.V.

"Hey Rose get in her, Alan's asking him about you!!" Maddi called me in.

"Are you sure you can handle this?" Emily asked, like a concerned mother or over protective sister, or boyfriend. Harry, I need to hear this!

"Yeah, I need to hear him again!" I yelled and barged past them.

Maddi played the TV.

"So Harry, you've been pretty down lately, could you tell us why?" Alan asked.

"R-R-Rose left me, because of my fans they hated her and Paul said if I didn't end things with her I'd have to leave the band." Harry stuttered.

"So you broke up with her?" Alan asked.

"No, she left, she didn't want to get in the way of my career so she left and since, if been miserable, but I know she's not coming back...." He trailed off.

"I-I-I've got to go back..." I wailed.

"No, you don't you're doing fine with your new life, I knew you couldn't handle it but you never listen!" Emily, she's spent to much time in a therapist office and for the wrong reasons.

"No, really I've got a good reason, a perfectly good reason..."

"What is it?" Emily demanded.

"I'm pregnant..." I stuttered.

"WHAT!!! why didn't you tell me!!??" Emily asked.

"I wanted to tell you but I couldn't find a time..." I said.

"Okay now, to the important part, who the hell is the father?!" Maddi yelled.

"Harry, who else would it be, that's why I have to go back!" I yelled.


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