Safina recently moved to Greece. All her childhood she has been tormented by Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. But once she meets the newest member of the clique, Louis. She sees that he might be different. Being very consumerist she is not willing to give into her feelings since Louis does not own much. Will she change, because she defiantly changed Louis life.


6. Chapter 5


I felt like such a douche-bag. I know that Louis is now crushing on her, and I also know that Harry is still heartbroken...... But I felt guilty as hell. I should have stood up for her. She never did anything. She is so beautiful. I was freaking out. I had no self control whatsoever so I leaned in and hugged her tight. Finally I let go of her, she stared at me and smiled. It was not a smile of love, or friendship, it was a smile of pity. She must have thought of me as pathetic, she must feel bad for me because I am so stupid. My mind was tangled up into a spider web of words, but none of them could leave my mouth. It must have been the same for her. We stared at each other for another five minutes. 

"You must be freezing to death. Why do you not come inside?" She asked. Her voice was soft and gorgeous. 

"I'd better go instead. I would hate to bother you any longer." I said slowly. I did not really want to go, but it seemed like the right thing to do. 
I made my way down the stone path leading to the gigantic gate. She stood there in the doorway for a while. I knew she was still there. I could feel it. 

"WAIT!" She shouted. She ran out into the pouring rain, getting absolutely drenched on her way over to me. Once she was a few centimeters from my face she whispered, "I accept your apology and forgive you." After that she turned away and ran as far from me as possible.

Her apology brought me more joy than I thought it would. I stepped onto the back of Zayns motorcycle. And he drove away. He did not even question me. He still hated her, and he probably hates me too now. But he had a vehicle other than Harry's run down car thing.

 I am about as wet as I would have been if I jumped into a pool. I was very wet.  He dropped me of at the door leading to the lobby. I stepped of. I was going to thank him but I decided not to. 

I made my way into the elevator, as everyone stared at me. Some tween girl nearly fainted of excitement. Yes, yes I'm Liam. Calm the hell down. I am in no mood to deal with fan girls and I really need to take a shower cuz I smell like mud. Yeah.... Don't judge me! She walked up to me but before she had the chance to speak I hastily stepped into the elevator and pressed the closing button about a million times or so.

Finally the elevator reached the fifth floor and I stepped out. I was home, home sweet home whatever.....

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