Safina recently moved to Greece. All her childhood she has been tormented by Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. But once she meets the newest member of the clique, Louis. She sees that he might be different. Being very consumerist she is not willing to give into her feelings since Louis does not own much. Will she change, because she defiantly changed Louis life.


5. Chapter 4



I went to a few more classes before school was finally over. Finally I could get out of this exhausting hell hole. I had my two friends of course, but still. All teenagers have friends, and we all still hate school. Right? 

By the end of the day I warmed a little more to the idea of mixed people. It gave them a chance to change, and find out where they truly belong right? I am not sure? I am confused as Hell! I quickly shake my head to get all of these weird thoughts out of my mind.

I step into my cab and ask my personal driver Bob to bring me home. We drove around the city for a while. Just to get the idea of what everything looks like. I sort of liked it here. It was a very beautiful country. After driving around for ten minutes, I reached a large mansion I like to call home. Our automatic gate opens as the car drives along the stone path that leads to our home.

I step out of the car, thank Bob and walk towards the front door. I open the door step inside and announce my being there. My mother walks down our large two-way staircase in her red silk robe and greets me.

"How was your first day at school my dear darling." She said smiling. 

"Very good mother." I said in response. My younger sister walks down the stairs. Walking down theses stairs must be an exercise for her.

"Saf Saf, how was it!" She shouts as her curly brown hair bounces on her back while she is running down the staircase.

"It was very nice." I responded again. Finally she reached the bottom of the staircase and came over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back tightly. She was only seven anyway.

"What were the people like Saf?" She asked. Her blue eyes were shining in the sunlight that was shining through our glass roof.

"They were very pleasant."  I said smiling back at her.

"Any news from brother." I asked my mother,who in this time has made her way to the kitchen. My brother, Tom is in the army.

"Yes! I heard he is doing very well. I did give him some of the money father left behind." My mother responded, shouting slightly, since she was all the way in the kitchen. 

Father left us half a year ago. He packed two suitcases, one with clothes and one with food. Then he just left. This is why we moved here. To start over. Tom was furious and decided to use his fury as an inspiration for army fighting. It made him stronger. He wanted to serve Switzerland. He wanted to protect his country. My one year younger brother Charlie did not want to leave his home and decided to stay at a boarding school in Switzerland. I respected both my brothers for the decision they made, but now we are only left with woman in the house. It is always nice to have some male company. We have the male maids of course, yet still. They do not talk much. Charlie and I talked about everything together. He would always open up to me. And it was nice to hear a mans perspective on things.  

I went into the kitchen and grabbed an apple before I headed upstairs to do my homework. I entered my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. I turned around and looked at the sky through my glass roof. 


I stepped into Harry's old car as we drove through the city. It did not take long before we reached his apartment, that is also my apartment now. My family still lives back in England. They do not really care about me. They pretended that we were not related ever since I joined the band. It kind of sucks. I always hoped for their support. We enter the two story apartment. Liam also lives here, but he liked to take the bus. He is not a huge fan of Harry's car. Neither am I, but it is much better than public transport. Niall and Zayn also live in a smaller shared apartment a few blocks away. 

I never really liked those two. I guess Niall's okay, but he does not take anything seriously. It bothers me. His joking around shit is really getting on my nerves. He never does his homework and always asks someone to copy it. His intentions are good I guess. Though I appreciate his kindness as well. He always tries.

The entire apartment is covered in our crap. Harry looked very tense. I did not ask him about Safina again, because I knew he was probably making up lies in his head right now. I was not sure when I should ask again. Probably when he is not expecting it. When there is no way out for him. When the truth will really come out.


'Ding dong.' The door goes. 

It is midnight. Everyone is sound asleep. Except for me. I am a very light sleeper, even the slightest of noises can wake me up.

'Ding dong.' The door goes again. 

I get out of my king size bed and put on my red silk robe and fluffy blue slippers. I make my way down the hall and go down the stairs. On the way I bump into a few things and almost tripped twice. Once I have reached the front door I open it, to find him standing in the pouring rain. His clothes are absolutely soaked and his hair is hanging in his face. I can see guilt and sorrow in his eyes. He opens his mouth to say something but no words come out. I want to say something too, but I am suffering from the same inability to speak. We stare at each other for a while.

"I am so sorry." Liam said.

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