Safina recently moved to Greece. All her childhood she has been tormented by Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. But once she meets the newest member of the clique, Louis. She sees that he might be different. Being very consumerist she is not willing to give into her feelings since Louis does not own much. Will she change, because she defiantly changed Louis life.


3. Chapter 3


It was lunch. This is when we are not forced to mix everything up. When everyone is equal in their own little lunch table dome.

"Hey my name is Felicity." A girl said. She had naturally straight blond hair hanging down her shoulders, she was wearing a short green dress and had a beautiful pearl necklace that matched her pair of pearl earrings. She was really pretty and very well dressed.

"Mine is Safina nice to meet you." I said. I think I have met my group.

"I heard you moved her from Switzerland beautiful country."
"Nothing compared to Greece." I add.

"My name is Marina." A third girl said. She had wavy black hair, tan skin and was wearing an adorable red dress.

"Nice to meet you. I adore both of your outfits"  I said.

"Let's sit here." Felicity said as she pointed at a fairly clean table.

We sat and talked for a really long time. They were lovely. We had so much in common and we agreed to go out this weekend. I think I found my place. Felicity turns out to be the daughter of one of the hotel owners and Marina's mother is a common fashion designer here in Greece. It was nice meeting people who share your interests. 


I was looking around the cafeteria for a while. The guys started to notice bit did not say anything about it. I kept on looking for her. Then I saw her. She was sitting next to Felicity and Marina. Felicity and Marina are like snow. They cover up everything dull and make it beautiful. But the things they cover up turn cold (cold is another way to say mean, and uncaring). Why would they take her. She was not dull, she was lively and spirited. Maybe she doesn't need to be covered? Maybe she is already cold. My thoughts are killing me. I can't even concentrate on eating my pizza. Liam looks over my shoulder and sees her giggling along with Felicity and Marina. He gives me a sad face.

From all the guys Liam is my best friend. He understands, but he is afraid to show he does. He sees bad things but does not try to stop them. 

"How do you know Safina?" I ask them again. I knew that there was no way around this question in this situation.

"She went to our school in Switzerland." Niall said. 

"Why didn't you say hi to her then? Why didn't you help her? You guys should know what it was like to be knew." I said calmly. Well I tried to sound calmly.

"She probably doesn't remember us." Zayn lied. I knew he was lying. 

Did something happen between them. Did someone get hurt. What happened? I need to know!


"Looks like you have an admirer." Felicity said. I turned around and caught Louis starring at me.

"He is in my math class." Marina gagged at the word math. "He is kind." I added.

"Yeah he is. You guys would make a perfect couple." Felicity said smiling. A real smile.

"Totally!" Marina said.

How is that possible. He is a musician. Are they even supposed to date people? Does that not only create drama? That is how people end up on reality tv shows. Because they have dumb relationships. Dating a celebrity feels so fake. So unnecessary.

"You and Liam would look cute." I tell her. I remember him being the nicest one. He never did anything. He just watched me get hurt. Was he scared? Scared to stand up against his friends? I guess that made him the worst.

"Sure. Once he learns how to think for himself." Felicity said smiling. She seemed like the smiling type. 


I stopped trying to get them to tell me about how they knew her. Clearly they did not want me to know. Witch is fine! Just fine!

I was quiet the whole time. I could see guilt on the faces of Liam and Niall. Zayn doesn't have any facial expressions because he is that Emo. But Harry also kept quiet. His expression seemed to be hate. I could see it in his eyes. I could feel the fire burning around him. It seemed to effect Liam. Surprise, surprise! When one of us go down Liam goes down. It's as if his life is one big Simon says game. Or Harry says. 



I did not say anything. I did not want to. I looked at their table. The girl who broke my heart (Felicity) was sitting and laughing along with the girl who broke me (Safina). Was this all just to torment me. I'm already going to hell. They just sit their playing with life and people. Laughing! I hate the sound of their laughs together. The sound of the noise us humans make when we are happy. They do not deserve to be happy. 

I am so mad at them. So mad for ruining me. For making me look like I am the bad guy. The guy who bullies little girls and steels jewelry. Not kidding! Felicity made me carry her diamond necklace in my pocket and then accused me of steeling it.

But I am not as mad at Felicity as I am at Safina. She made me believe that she loved me. I was always teasing her just for fun, not meaning anything. Then when we made up I told her that I did it because I loved her. Then she told me that she loved me back. Summer vacation came and she came back with a boyfriend. Then I got mad at her and told her that I thought that we were a thing. Then she told me that she never loved me that way and that she only used the word love to spare my feelings. She did all these nasty things later on like spreading rumors. Then I went along with the game and war began. I was and am still so mad! 

But just because I'm mad doesn't mean I stopped caring.



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