Safina recently moved to Greece. All her childhood she has been tormented by Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. But once she meets the newest member of the clique, Louis. She sees that he might be different. Being very consumerist she is not willing to give into her feelings since Louis does not own much. Will she change, because she defiantly changed Louis life.


2. Chapter 2



I walk into my second class, again everyone is staring at me. I feel so breakable right now. As if the wind could blow me down without even trying, and I would fall to the ground and smash into pieces. 

I take a seat, and notice that in the back corner is Harry. I try not to look at him, but I get a feeling that he is looking directly at me. Zayn steps into the class room together with the boy who's name I do not know. Zayn takes his seat next to Harry. I can see the other boy moving towards me. 

'Please do not sit here. Please do not sit here.' I whisper to myself. I whisper a few other prayers, but nothing seems to help. He takes a seat right next to me. 

"Hey my name is Louis." He said smiling. His voice seemed kind
"Safina." I responded. I could hear Zayn chocking on his water. Obviously he was listening to our conversation.

"That is a lovely name." Louis said.
"Thank you. I like yours too. Are you French?"
"No. I am from England."
"Switzerland." Again Zayn chokes on his water. I think they are on to me.

Class starts. I have always hated math, and math teachers. This guy was not any better than my teachers back at home. Believe me he was worse. His last name was Nurftenburg, and he had a gray mustache and beard with pieces of chicken in it. It was gross. 

Louis was being really nice though. He was a great help. I did not understand why he was hanging out with those other jerks. Maybe they changed.

What am I saying! They are horrible low class sons of bartenders. They could never give any girl anything. Even if they were to change, what could they possibly do for her. Propose with a candy ring? No! This is why we should not mix up our classes. This is why there are stereotypes! The goths go for the goths! The sluts go for the jocks. The geeks go for the geeks. Everyone is happy. And no one feels left out. No one feels like the dumb one, or the ugly one. Everyone is equal. I feel left out here. I feel like I am the odd one. I do not enjoy this feeling, it hurts. As if every time I hear someone whisper, a ghost is stabbing me in the back. You see? People mix us all up and I end up being the one alone. The one left out. The mis-fit toy. Is it maybe just this school. 

My first day in this amazing country was wonderful. Everyone here was so kind. A really cute guy gave me a flower and even said "beauty for a beauty." He was so sweet. Why does he not go to this school. Maybe because he already graduated. 

This school is on the good side of town, so why do people dress like they have to show as much skin as possible. Do they not realize the luck they have of being born into these families. Why would Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and even Louis throw that all away to become a singer. Everyone in that industry fails once they get old. 

What I meant with the candy ring thing before, is that when they throw all the good things away, they are left with bad things.

Wow,I'm captain obvious!


I didn't want class to end. I looked at her schedule and saw that math is the only class we have together. She was so sweet. 

The bell rang. She grabbed her bag and headed for her next class. After that class there would be lunch. I could introduce her to the group, but they already seem to know her. How? I walked up to Harry but as I was going to say something he walked away. I chased after him and called out for him, but his walking turned into running. Then I saw Zayn. As soon as our eyes met he turned the other way. 

I went to my next class. The teacher was trying to tell us something, but I could not stop thinking. How can a girl I barely knew have such effect on me. My grandad used to always tell me "some times your heart knows things your mind can't explain." I never understood what he meant but I think I do know. 

What am I talking about! I barely know her. She is just another rich and pretty girl. Another master of heartbreak. A player. A girl who will make up rumors about people she does not like when she is bored.

The teacher called on me.

"Tomlinson. Could you tell me who was Caesar's secret admirer?" She said looking at me with that 'I know you are going to fail' look.
"A bunch of girls."
"Well. I'm sure he had many, but the answer is Cleopatra." She gave me a look and went back to teaching. 

 I felt so impossibly stupid. I do not day dream. My eyes were attached to the clock. I have to get to know her better, so that I know how I feel. Is she a beautiful, innocent girl. Or is she just another consumerist bitch with a pretty face. 

I had to know. I was craving to find out. Also, how the other guys know her. 

Class ended. I went up to Harry and asked, "How do you know Safina?"

He looked at me as if he was about to say something but didn't. 


I wanted to tell him that we were arch enemies. That I still hate her know. That the fact that she is here is killing me. Greece is mine, okay! She can't just come here with buckets of money and steal all of my friends. She was always queen bee. Couldn't I have the spotlight just for once. I know that I tormented her, and that it was 'wrong'. But I regret nothing. How was I supposed to tell that to Louis. I see the way he looks at her. I would know because.........



I looked the same way at her for a long time.

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