Safina recently moved to Greece. All her childhood she has been tormented by Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn. But once she meets the newest member of the clique, Louis. She sees that he might be different. Being very consumerist she is not willing to give into her feelings since Louis does not own much. Will she change, because she defiantly changed Louis life.


1. Chapter 1

I walk down the hallway for the first time. I can sense the people starring at me. I wonder what people think of me when they look at me. Greece is not like Switzerland at all. Everyone here seemed so equal. In the part of Switzerland where I lived there was a serious social pyramid. And I am proud to say that my family was on the top. Well second, royal family duh. But from the people who did not have royal heir we were defiantly on top. Part of me liked that. Yet part of me did not because people expect so much from you. Especially if you are an only child. Back home I felt like I had so much power, though now I feel like I am being squished. 

I walk into the crowded cafeteria, my first class is study hall. Luckily we moved here during the weekend, so I kind of knew how to dress. I wore my long brown hair up in a ponytail and I wore a cute white lace dress. Maybe to much elegance. I saw people here dressed very fancily but yet they were being so kind to the people who looked like gypsies. They are not equals! I do not want to get too judgmental just yet. 

My flats have a hard bottom which make ticking noises every step I take against the wooden floor. Making even more eyes fixating on me. I pull my pale chin up and look down at them as if they are insects. I really am not that mean, I just want to come across as strong. It did not help much. Gangsters and hipsters are looking at me with disgust. I keep walking and try to find a table. 

All of the sudden I see them. They are sitting at the table laughing their disgusting laughs. Their weird hair flowing everywhere as they move their oversized heads because someone said or did something amusing. Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn! They have tormented me through all of my childhood. They put gum in my hair, poked me (NON STOP), told everyone I had cooties and splashed me with mud. In seventh grade they had moved to their home England. But now in tenth grade they are back, here in Greece! I heard that they are in some dumb band. Justin Bieber times five, all in one! Direction. There was one that I did not recognize. His hair was not terrible, he had nice eyes but a very weird fashion sense. Better than Harry though. He was wearing 'salmon' pants. Actually they were pink! That one guy is not laughing the same mental way as the others. He looked like he did not even want to be there. I hope that they do not recognize me though. I have moved to a beautiful, sunny country and I will not let these jerks ruin it. 

I find a table and sit down. I pull out my lap top and go on Facebook. I see an advertisement for MySpace. What is MySpace? Is that the Facebook of the nineteenth century? 

I sit there for a while. Waiting for the bell to ring. I can hear the whispers behind me. I look around and see groups of people all looking at me. The groups are made out of completely different stereotypes. Goths, sluts, geeks and jocks. All together. Then I wonder. Was I a mis-fit toy? Was I the weird one here? That could not be. Maybe these people have just never seen class before? Maybe their piercings and hair extensions got into their brain and messed it up? 

Louis POV

Niall was telling some lame Irish joke. I fake laughed. I pitied him. If he was so insecure to die his own hair, he obviously needed a friend. Plus, he wasn't that bad really. None of the guys are. I look over at the new girl sitting alone at the table. She looked really over-dresses. But she was beautiful. Her face was as pale as marble, and her lips were really red. Her face was completely straight, I could not help wonder what she would look like if she laughed. What her voice sounds like, what she is like.

"Hello? Anyone home?" Zayn said. They all laughed a little. I swear these guys have serious laughing issues.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" I asked. Man I feel so stupid.
Niall coddles his pudding. "Yes I do!" He said. They all have a laugh attack again.

"You guys. There is someone in Lulu's life, and we should respect that." Liam said. 
I nodded. The bell rang. I stood up and so did the new girl. Man she was hot! I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. As she walked in the same direction she looked kinda cold. With cold I mean, bitchy. I was starting to doubt my emotions.

Some Emo kid spilled his water and she laughed. It was a sweet innocent laugh. Like the one of a small child. I went up to her. I was about to say something but she ignored me and walked faster. 

"Is that-?" Harry said. 

"No it can't be." Niall then said. 

"But she looks like-" Liam ads.

 "It's not possible. She used to be fugly!" Zayn then said.

"Who? What? Where?" I ask. How did they know her.

She walks away into the crowd until she looks like nothing more than a pearl rolling across a rainbow. A ghost in my memory. 

" I can't believe it! Wasn't she like totally obese?" Harry said. He looked more confused than ever. The corner of his upper lip moved up almost touching his eyeballs. One of Liam's eyebrows raises, and we all stare into the crowd. She has disappeared. 

"What ya boys still doin' here, huh?" The lunch lady asks, threatening to hit us with her broom.
"Go, o' to ya classes." She then shouted. We all scurry out of the dirty cafeteria. They all laugh. Seriously?

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