End of Days

When he learns that he only has twenty four hours left to live, Rick asks himself the question of what he should do with his last day alive......

Originally a short story that I entered into a competition, it isn't as great as I had originally planned, due to a word limitation of the competition. I am not going to go back and revise my old works at this time, however, so this is the original submitted version. I may one day release an extended version however......


4. Section 4

As I walked out of my apartment, I looked out the window that was across from the stair well. The sun was rising in the distance. Well world, I know you want me dead, but I have a favor to ask. Just let me help that little girl before you finish me off. After all the frag you’ve put me through, you at least owe me that much.

            Ending my mental conversation with the world, I went downstairs and out the front door of the apartment complex, and back into the alley where this bad idea had originated from. The body of the first man was still there, but now he was in just his underwear. I expected as much. The scavengers in this city don’t hesitate to get their hands on whatever shows up, no matter where it shows up.

            Also as I expected, the car was still there, now sitting flat on the ground since it went into sleep mode. No one would risk taking a car that was next to a dead man, or really even getting close to it. The tracking system on cars made it a certainty that if the cops found out about it, they would find whoever took it, and the people for who might want to bother stealing a car, couldn’t afford to pay the bribes associated with a murder case. Getting caught in that thing would be a death sentence to any but the wealthy. Good thing I only have about fifteen hours left to live anyhow.

            Opening the door to the car, I climbed into the driver seat. In the passenger seat, there was a gun. It was nothing special, just your usual mag-coil pistol, but I had lost mine last week in a bar fight. Checking the magazine, I saw that it had a full clip of ten slugs, and the pistol itself had a full charge. That was good. If it wasn’t charged, then the electromagnets would never be able to propel the slugs and it would be as useless as a rock.

            The car itself also had a full charge, which was also good. The city was big, and most of the main roads between here and the warehouse would be chocked full of traffic in a little bit. It would take me at least five hours to get there during rush hour, and five hours back.

            Is it really worth two thirds of the remainder of your life just to save some little girl’s mother? I asked myself, as I started to drive off. Whether it is or isn’t, it’s too late now. I already told Aria I’d do it.

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