End of Days

When he learns that he only has twenty four hours left to live, Rick asks himself the question of what he should do with his last day alive......

Originally a short story that I entered into a competition, it isn't as great as I had originally planned, due to a word limitation of the competition. I am not going to go back and revise my old works at this time, however, so this is the original submitted version. I may one day release an extended version however......


2. Section 2

It took me another hour before I finally made it to the building my apartment was in. Like I said, there was no rush. As I started to open the door to the lobby, I head a scream, and I stopped. A scream wasn’t unusual in this part of town, or well, any part of town. It was the scream of a little girl. Again, nothing unusual there. So why did I stop?

            The scream came again. It was coming from an alley nearby that connected to the main road on the other side of the building. Why was I so interested in the scream? I had heard dozens just like it on my way here. Whatever was going on was none of my business. I turned back to the doors to the lobby. Again the scream came. I hesitated at the doorknob. Again, a scream, calling out a simple want. Help.  I took a step towards the alley.

            Stop it! I told myself.

            Again, the scream.

            It’s none of your business.


            You’re not some fragging hero.

            It came again. I took another step towards the alley.

            What? You planning on saving every little girl that screams her head off?

            Another step.

            If so, then why didn’t you run help all the other people you passed?

            The scream came again, and this time it was followed by screeching tires.

            There. See? The problem solved itself.

            I turned around and started to head towards the door into the apartment complex. Then a sound rang clearly through the night, over the sound of the rain. The voice of a child, a little girl, clearly screamed out, “Help!”

            “Frag it all!” I spat out, talking to myself, as I ran into the alleyway. Standing at the other end of it was two men. Well, one was standing. The other was laying on the ground, clutching at that sensitive spot no man wants to get hit in. In the arms of the other one was a little girl. She was struggling, and had apparently bitten the man’s arm pretty hard, since I could see that it was bleeding heavily, even from where I stood thirty feet away. The man was too focused on trying to drag the girl into the back seat of a black car that was hovering a few inches above the ground, which meant it was ready to go the minute a driver jumped in.

            What are you doing? I asked myself as I charged the man holding the girl. Before I could figure that out, I clotheslined the man as he turned around and spotted me. He fell back and hit his head on the corner of the sidewalk with a loud crack. I didn’t need to check to know that he was dead. Working on instinct, I pulled the crying girl from the arms of his corpse.

            I didn’t have much experience with children, since I hadn’t had much chance to be one myself. The girl looked to be about eight, and was wearing a light pink dress that had been stained red by the blood from the wound she had caused the man. Her golden blond hair had been cut so that it stopped just below her ears. Stealing a glance back over my shoulder at the other man, I could see that he had passed out from the pain she’d caused him.

            Before I could say anything to the girl though, she stopped crying long enough to say one simple thing to me, “Please. You have to save my mommy. The bad men took her.”

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