Blink~Everything Changes.
Bernadette knew who she was, she was happy with her life. She's the princess afterall. But what happens when truths are revealed and secrets are told.
Will she still know who she is? Or will she turn her back on the life she had.


2. The Other Royalities

"Bernadette!" My mother yells at me as I am standing next to our cook, Maria, watching her make the dinner rolls.

"You better go sweetheart." Maria says sweetly to me. "Your mother will be furious if she finds you in here again."

"I know..." I mumble sighing before getting up from my stool and begin to walk out of the kitchen. I slip down the corridor and come face to face with my mother as I walk around the corner.

"Where have you been?!" She snarls in a hushed voice.

"Around." I simply state before marching past her towards the library doors.

"Best behaviour." She snaps in a whisper just before I push open the double doors.

Everyone turns to face me. I notice King Victor, Queen Charlotte and Prince Zeke standing around the large pool table and Luke and Princess Evangeline off in a corner laughing and talking. I also notice a blonde haired, blue eyed boy standing with my father and the others at the pool table.

"Ah, Bernadette!" Queen Charlotte exclaims coming towards me with open arms.

"Hello Queen Charlotte." I reply, courtseying after the hug.
"Now, what have I told you about curtseying to me?" She smirks.

"Not to." I chuckle receiving a glare from my mother.

"Right, remember that my dear." She laughs wrapping her arms around my shoulders leading me to the pool table.

"Eh! Princessa!" Victor says in his deep voice.

"Eh! Victoria!" I say mocking him, honestly I love these two, they don't act like royalty. We all laugh and I hug my favorite pot-bellied kind.

"Hi Bernadette." Zeke mumbles. He is very shy, it's almost cute, but that won't last long, he loosens up easily, its the same every time.

"Hello Zekie." I smile, I don't hate Zeke, I just don't like the thought of marrying him.

"This is Markus." He says gesturing to the blonde boy I had noticed before.

"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Bernadette." I extend my hand to Markus, he takes it smiling at me with an adorable smile.

"Nice to meet you to." He says kindly.

"So how do you know Zeke?" I ask as we step away from the adults as they begin to talk about politics.

"He's my best friend." Zeke says in a silly voice slinging his arm over Markus' shoulder.

'this nut case almost ran me over in his car awhile back. We've been friends ever since." Markus explains.

"Oh, yeah! No biggy, he hits you with his car, runs to check if you're ok and says 'hey wanna be my new best friend?' classic Zeke" I say sarcastically smiling.

"Evangeline! My dear, dear friend, I am afraid your cousin has lost any ability to make friends so he resorts to hitting them with cars!" I say joining Evangeline (she is Victor and Charlottes niece by the way, while Zeke is their son) and Luke, followed by Zeke and Markus.

"Oh Bernie, how I have missed your strange sense of humor." She giggles.

"Did you go?" Luke asks casually.

"Yes, the package has been delivered... You're welcome." I smile at him widely before chuckling silently.

"Thank ya my darlin!" Luke smiles

"Package?" Markus asks questioningly.

"Mark, if there is one thing I have learned... NEVER question Luke or Bernadette about a package." Zeke says cautiously. Probably remembering back to the times with our other 'packages' ; snakes, stink bombs, animal bones, and carrots... The carrots were harmless though.

"Ok... Never mind then." Markus laughs and we all join in.

Markus is different from Zeke's previous friends. Meaning he isn't stuck up and worried about his appearance all the time. He is such a goof as well.

We all talk for hours after dinner and pretty soon they are all leaving.

"Goodbye my dear." King Victor says hugging me tightly.

"See you later." I say back.

"Bye sweetie." Charlotte says hugging me as well.

"Bye bye" I say like a little girl.

"Au reviour!" Evangeline yells bumping my hip with hers as we giggle.

"Bye Eva." I giggle.

"So, I'll see you later, love." Zeke says quietly blushing.

"Yeah, bye Zekie boy." I chuckle and he smiles at me. Wait... why was he blushing? Before I can react he leans in and pecks my cheek. He pulls away and quickly jumps into the awaiting vehicle. My mouth hanging open.

"Well... err.. bye?" Markus says confused. All I do is nod my head and raise my hand in a small wave.

Zeke.. just... kissed me. Well on the cheek, but still! Why would he do that!?

"What was that?" Luke whispers in my ear causing me to jump after the car exits the yard.

"I don't know." I mumble shaking my head.

"I think Zeke might have a little crush on you." He chuckles, I don't see the humor but I decide to change the topic just to be safe.

"So I met Anthony today." I say nonchalantly as we make our way up the steps.

"Oh? And?" He smiles nudging me.

"And... What?" What is he going on about?

"Good looking lad ain't he?" He chuckles.

"Yeah, very good looking." I blush, thinking back to the brown hair, blue eyed boy.

"Glad you think so sis." Luke slings his arm over my shoulders.

"I don't think he knows I'm the princess though." I sigh.

"What? Why?" Luke's arm drops.

"I never technically told him." I huff another exasperated sigh.

"Bernadette!" Luke yells almost angrily.

"I think he figured it out Luke, so calm down, it's not like anything can happen between me and him anyways." I mumble the last part so it is barely audible.

"Yes things can!" He yells in a hushed voice.

"No, I will end up marrying Zeke." I state.

"No, because Evangeline and Peter are soon to be married, we don't need anymore ties through marriage there, Rosaline is in line to marry Prince Edwin, then I... well I'm not sure exactly yet." Luke explains.

"Are you trying to get me to go for your friend?" I ask shocked

"Listen... Anthony is a great person, he cares about people and always works hard. I have known him for three years now, technically four but we never started talking and becoming friends for the first year."

"Lu, I'll admit, he has a certain charm about him... but don't tell him we talked about this. I don't want him to know that I might... fancy him." I blush uncontrollably. "I said MIGHT Luke."

"yeah, yeah, yeah.." He chuckles as we make the landing towards our rooms. "Goodnight Bernadette."

"Nighty-night Lukie, by the way, we still need to go skating." I wave bye to my brother before heading off to my room, closing the door behind me.



*Authors note*

hey guys, I know I said saturday but I ended up really sick over the weekend and barely got up to do anything so I'm really sorry!

Please leave your comments I love reading them because I love your feedback.


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