Blink~Everything Changes.
Bernadette knew who she was, she was happy with her life. She's the princess afterall. But what happens when truths are revealed and secrets are told.
Will she still know who she is? Or will she turn her back on the life she had.


4. Out

"Bernadette, you need to get up!" Maria yells at me.

"Noooooo..." I groan, its been three days since the funeral. Today is the day that we find out about the will that my father has left.

"Yes!" She yells angrily. "You haven't done anything since the funeral, now you are going to get out of bed NOW!"

"Fiiiine." I'm normally not easy to get out of bed but, Maria, seems fairly angry so today, I shall listen.

"Thank you." She exhales in relief.

I crawl out of bed as she exits my room. I take a quick shower. I was my face, making sure any tear stains or makeup is gone from my face. After I'm done my shower I blow dry my hair and braid it to the side. I apply a light coat of mascara on my lashed, surrounding my eyes that were green today, then I brush my teeth and go out of my room to get dressed.

I grab a large Jack Wills purple hoodie, a pair of black skinny jeans and black undergarments. I slip them on, not bothering to put an actually shirt on under my hoodie. I slip on a pair of purple toms and walk out of my room at the same time as Luke walks out of his. He is wearing a Jack Wills hoodie as well but his is in blue, and a pair of nice fitting blue jeans. Also a pair of white converse on his feet.

"Hey girly." He smiles kindly at me.

"Hey Lukey." I smile back as he comes over and wraps a comforting arm over my shoulders.

"I'm going to the bakery after, do you want to come?" He asks as we stand before the dining room doors.

"Uh.. Sure.." I ponder, I have barely left my room, let alone the palace.

"Promise?" He whispers as he opens the door. I nod and give a weak smile.

"Good, you two are here." Our mother says in a tight voice, but with a kind and understanding smile plastered on her tearstained face.


"Good, you two are here." I say trying to not have such a strained voice, it was obvious though that I was fighting tears. I smile at my youngest son and daughter. Well sort of daughter, I can't believe my late husband didn't tell he that we aren't her real parents. I have to tell her.

"Sorry." Bernadette mumbles. She is definitely a pretty girl. Long blonde hair, changing green-blue eyes, petite size and figure. It was hard not to love such an innocent girl.

"It's alright sweetheart, now come sit." I motion for them to sit and they do. Rosaline and Peter on either side of me and Luke beside Peter, while Bernadette beside Rosaline. We all look at the lawyer on the other side of the table.

"Alright, starting from the youngest... To Bernadette, although you are not my biological daughter, I love you like my own." I look to see Berndaettes along with my other children's mouths gaping open. "I found you thirteen years ago, wrapped in a worn blanket, in a back alley all alone. I took you in and we raised you to be the beautiful, intelligent, and talented young girl you are today. I leave you my musical instruments and also the book 'Fairy tales Do Come True' that we used to read before I would tuck you into bed as a little girl." The Lawyer looks up and hands Bernadette the book and a key to the music room. Then without a moments hesitation he continues on to Luke, but Bernadette rushes out of the room before the man can even start.


I'm. Not. A. Princess.

My entire life has been a lie!

Who am I truly?

Is my name even Bernadette?

Why is this happening to me?

I rush out of the room with the key held tightly in my left hand and the book clung to my chest.

"Bernadette?" I hear from behind me. I turn around quickly wiping away my tears from my cheeks. I look at the large figure standing before me. "Are you alright love?" He says coming forward extending his arms to me. I fall into them and bawl.

"I-I, I don't even know who I am anymore." I whisper into his chest.

"You're still Bernadette, you're still my crazy little sister, and you're still the same sixteen year old girl you were yesterday." He says rubbing my back. Peter and I weren't always the most consoling of siblings but we were always there for each other, sure we had different values but what siblings.. err.. people.. do?

"But Peter!" I say pushing away from him. "I'm NOT your little sister! We aren't even related! I don't even know if my real family is alive.." I whisper the last part, reality setting in. "I-I have to go..." I say before running out of the entire building altogether. I hear my name being called after me but I continue running. I don't know many places.. and I don't know many people.. Except.. No, I can't do that. I barely know him! But then again, I barely know myself, and I'm still me. What have I got to lose?

I look around realizing that I'm not far from where I want to be. I walk towards the door but I stop myself. What if he doesn't want me here, what if he doesn't know the answers I need? I walk the final distance to the door and knock. I hear some shuffliing and soon a middle aged man is standing in front of me holding the door open. I watch as his bright blue eyes crinkle at the sides as he smiles.

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