Blink~Everything Changes.
Bernadette knew who she was, she was happy with her life. She's the princess afterall. But what happens when truths are revealed and secrets are told.
Will she still know who she is? Or will she turn her back on the life she had.


8. Maybe It Was Just A Mask

Anthony POV

"Go after her...?" I hear and turn towards Luke who is pointing towards a fleeing figure, his eyes sad and full of fear and hurt.

"What do I call her?" I ask after taking a step.

"Ask her." He simply states before shrugging his shoulders and walking away.

I quickly sprint after her. As I get closer I slow my pace. What do I even say?!

"Uh... Hey." I say plainly. Hey?! Really!

"Hi" She says in her small sweet voice. I notice her eyes aren't the same brilliant blue they were the day in the bakery when I first laid my eyes on her. They are a bright green.

"Y-your eyes...?" I say shocked.

"What about them?" She asks looking alarm, frantically wiping underneath them with her tiny fingers.

"I thought they were blue." I mumble, maybe I'm going crazy.

"They are." She giggles. "Only some days, they change, from blue to green, and on very rare occasions they are both."

"That's cool." I smile down at her.

"So... What do you want Anthony?" She asks peering up at me through her thick eyelashes.

"Uh... Well... Listen, you need a place to stay, and I have an extra room, I'd be happy to.." Before I can finish she begins to talk.

"I'm not a charity case." She says anger flashing over her flawless features.

"That's not why." I respond.

"Then why?" She snaps. "We have only met once, twice today, you don't know me any better than I know myself."

"Maybe, but Luke has told me all about you." I say quickly

"You mean the person I once was." She says sadly.

"No." I place my hand under her chin pulling her face to look up at me. "The person you are. You may not think so but just because your not from the family you thought you were from, or because your name isn't exactly what you thought it was, you're still the same girl that I met in the bakery the other week. As well as the girl from all the stories Luke has told me. You just have to re-find that girl in you, cause she is there, and she always will be."

"How do you know? Maybe it was all just a mask." She says trying to pull away but I won't let her.

"No one is that good of an actor." I wink letting her go and wrapping an arm over her shoulders pulling her along with me.



*Authors Note*

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for being so late on this update!

I tried but I ended up not having wifi on the weekend and have been gone all week so far for my theatre performances.

Sorry again! Please comment on what you think!


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