Blink~Everything Changes.
Bernadette knew who she was, she was happy with her life. She's the princess afterall. But what happens when truths are revealed and secrets are told.
Will she still know who she is? Or will she turn her back on the life she had.


9. Anthony's Place

Bernadette POV

We walked the entire way to Anthony's with his arm around my shoulders and my one arm around his waist. I know he was just trying to be comforting but it felt so right. Maybe I, as in myself, just met him, but I have known Anthony for years. Luke told me everything about him. Well the things he was allowed to tell me. I'm sure there was still alot of secrets about Anthony that I didn't know.

"THIS is where you LIVE!?" I stop walking as Anthony turns towards a long drive way. At the end of the driveway is a large white mansion.

"Eh... Yaaaa..." He chuckles. "And now where you live as well."

"Wh-what?" I breathe.

"My parents are fairly rich."

"You live with your parents?" I giggle.

"Nooooo." He laughs. I smile at his large figure. "I live in a cabin. It's down a path from my parents place."

"Ohh, cool!" I giggle.

"Silly, I am a grown man." Anthony winks, flexing the arm that isn't around my shoulders.

"A grown man that lives on his parents property." I giggle again sticking my tongue out at him.

"Eh, it's free." He chuckles. He drops his arm and grabs my hand dragging me down a different path from the driveway.

"This is the part in a scary movie where the guy rapes the girl." I point out in a serious tone.

"I guess you know my plan already then." Anthony looks back at me with a straight face. I feel my eyes go wide and my mouth make an 'O' shape. "I'm kidding!" He starts breaking down in fits of laughter.

"That is NOT funny!" I yell, hiding my smile, hitting him in the arm.

"I would never do that." He chuckles, smiling at me, his eyes crinkling up at the sides and his dimples becoming prominent on his cheeks.

"Good, cause I'm not that kind of a girl." I wink before continuing down the path skipping. my hair bouncing with each skip. I smile and giggle, feeling truly happy for the first time since the king died.



*Authors note*

so I guess I forgot for a few weeks to update. I'm sorry :$ Stupid exams have been keeping me busy studying.

:/ Let's just hope that I can graduate with my friends next year. Because at the rate I'm going.... I'm not getting there.

I hope you like the update!

Please please please comment!




~Meggie :*

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