When Olivia Moore runs away from her parents, she didn't expect to crash on a mysterious island with her FAv band. But Olivia has a dark secret and will she open up or will she keep it hidden? A ZAYN Malik fanfic.


2. the ride

I saw a car pulling up to the house. my first thought was to run. then i realized it was just Jonathon, my "dad". he came up to me. " are you all ready to go?" he asked. " yes" i choked out. we got in the car.

the ride to the airport was short. i was staring out the window and i fell into a flashback


me and Jeremy were playing at the beach-one of the last times i saw him- and he was splashing me with water. i didn't see the big hulking man nor did he see me.

woah! i shook myself. what was that? i decided to ignore it and fell asleep - a bad decision


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