When Olivia Moore runs away from her parents, she didn't expect to crash on a mysterious island with her FAv band. But Olivia has a dark secret and will she open up or will she keep it hidden? A ZAYN Malik fanfic.


1. Packing

I packed my bags and prepared to leave. my name is olivia moore and i am dead inside. My parents died just one month ago in a car crash and the police just found out that the car was sabatoged. my brother, Jeramy, died 2 days ago. also in a car crash. I am 18, and have long, wavy brown hair. I have chestnut eyes and a slim figure. My brother was 21 and had short brown hair. I felt myself starting to cry thinking about them. Don't cry don't cry I told myself. " it will only make the pain worse. I was going away to California    to start a new life. My parents lawyers thought that the killer would be after me so I had to go away from home. They would pay for me and I wasn't supposed to take to much with stuff with me. I wanted to stay at home of course but Paul- my agent - wouldn't let me. So I was packing my bags. I brought all my clothes and one shirt of my mom, my dads pants and my brothers tie. I know it's stupid but I felt like I I took their things with me they might be waiting for me at my new house mad that I didn't bring their clothes with me. I miss them so much

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