The Connection

My name is Allison and my godmother is Sharon Osbourne and i am going to stay at her house all summer! i am so exsided to go see her! but i am a little nervous because she has a band staying with her.......


3. one direction

I saw 5 boys run downstairs, who the heck are they? "Auntie? Umm... who are they?" " Oh, sorry, Ally, this is One Direction. Meet Louis, or boobear, Harry, or Hazza, Liam, or LiLi, and then Niall, or Nialler. Niall specificly caught my eye, but i shrugged it off. "Why are they here?" "Oh, because they are staying with me for the summer. Its better then that summer camp, right?" "Sure."

Nialls P.O.V. Her blonde hair was so perfect, it was down to her mid back and her chocolate brown eyes glistened in the light. I was going to make her mine, she was my princess. I noticed her staring at me, she had to like me, well i hope so.

Harrys P.O.V. She was beautiful, blonde hair, brown eyes and everthing about her made me drool! i had to make her mine, i get all the girls, right?

Liams P.O.V. Wow, she was so gorgeous, but i needed to stay out of the fight for her. I could tell the way that Harry and Nialler loooked at her, no need to get into a fight, though i do like her.

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