The Connection

My name is Allison and my godmother is Sharon Osbourne and i am going to stay at her house all summer! i am so exsided to go see her! but i am a little nervous because she has a band staying with her.......


2. good-bye and hello

Allisons POV

Ally Aunt.Sharon called she wants to talk to you!!!!

OKAY DILLON!!! i yelled to my brother

i ran down stairs and grabbed the phone my dads office and started spinning in the chair.

(phone call)

hi aunt Sharon!!!

hi honey bunny

so whats up? i asked

well if you want to this summer you can come stay with me instead of  your summer camp your always complaining about. she answered

OMG really!!!!!

Ya i already talked to you mother and its ok with her. she said

ok thank you soooooo much.

you are so welcome see you in a week

(end of call)

YAAAAAAA i started screaming at the top of my lungs


*one week later*

BYE DILLON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO MISS YOU BIG BRO!

I AM GOING TO MISS YOU TO ALLY!! he screamed back


*4 hours later*

HEY AUNT.SHARON i said while opening the front door

i heard aunt Sharon coming downstairs i thought but it wasn't her


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