The Connection

My name is Allison and my godmother is Sharon Osbourne and i am going to stay at her house all summer! i am so exsided to go see her! but i am a little nervous because she has a band staying with her.......


5. go away

Allys P.O.V. Why can't people just leave me alone? What if everyone knows my feelings for Niall? I snuck out of my bedroom and listened to the hushed whispers in the kitchen. I only heard a few parts in each sentence, but i figured it out. "So Ally has for Niall" I figured out that Zayn had said, so Ally has feelings for Niall. After a while, their voices became louder and i could hear better. "Niall, you could ask her out, but may i warn you, she is extra embarrassed right now." "I really like her,maybe she will say yes." says a thick irish accent, Niall. "I like her to." says Liam. WHAT?

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