The Connection

My name is Allison and my godmother is Sharon Osbourne and i am going to stay at her house all summer! i am so exsided to go see her! but i am a little nervous because she has a band staying with her.......


4. fight for her

Ally's P.O.V. I couldn't take my eyes off all of them, they were all perfect, and i wanted to get to know each one of them. As the days passed, i learned alot about Niall and Louis. Niall dyes his hair blonde, his fave color is blue, he loves nandos and food, his blood type is A, hes always hungry and is super cute and has the sweetest personality. I learned Louis loves carrots, and screams kevin everytime he see's a pigeon, his middle name is William, and he's dating Eleanor Calder, who was gorgeous. "Hey, Auntie, is umm... is Niall single?" "He sure is, do you fancy him?" "Yeah."  "Really?" says Louis, with an evil grin on my face. I immeditately blushed and stared at the floor. "Please don't tell him!" i begged. "Don't worry about that, he already knows." And as on que, Niall walks in and says, "You really fancy me?" "Obviously!" I run upstairs and hear Aunt Sharon say, "Nice going boys." I hear someone walk into m,y room, its Niall.

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