The Connection

My name is Allison and my godmother is Sharon Osbourne and i am going to stay at her house all summer! i am so exsided to go see her! but i am a little nervous because she has a band staying with her.......


6. Bad news

Ally's POV

i was listening in on the conversation but I heard footsteps coming my way when my phone started going of. 

I answered the phone and when I did my heart stopped I dropped the phone sprinted out the front door and to secret hideout me and my friend found after we got out of school one day. I dropped to the ground sobbing my eyes actually crying myself to sleep that night I bet nobody's even looking for me.

Louis POV

I was going to go hang out with Ally and see if she wanted to go shopping with El and Perrie tomorrow I'm guessing she wants to hang out with some girls, when I heard crying something getting thrown and the front door slamming closed. I worried now. I went to get Mrs.Osborne  and tell her and she just flipped out and ran to look for her with the rest of the guys. I called El and she said that she knew exactly where she went and would go get her. I'm just confused I wonder if they already know each other.

Eleanor's POV 

me and Ally used to hang out every day after school and I know exactly where she went I went to our secret hideout and there she was laying on the ground with tears still going down her face I called Lou and told him not to worry I would bring her back to my flat and we would talk about it.


Ally's POV 

i woke up in a warm bed and then I saw her. I saw my best friend. ELLY!!! I yelled she just ran over and gave me a hug we sat down and I started to cry again and she asked me what was wrong.

i told her.

"last night I got a call. It was my brother. M-my boyfriend d-died. H- he was h-hit by a dru-unk driver" by this time I was already sobbing she pulled me into a hug and I just cried into her shoulder.


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