secret relationships

17 year old Christy Morr is dating her best friends older brother Zayn Malik this is the one secret that she cant tell her.


3. Chapter 2

Zayn POV she looked at me wanting me to help her but what was i suppose to do if I said anything my sister would suspect something so I just shrugged and laughed with the others.I knew she was going to be mad about me laughing but I have to admit it was funny when she got up and ran to the bathroom i told everyone I would go check on her since I was the only one that didn't do anything to help them. When I got into the bathroom she was scrubbing her face with a rag and didn't see me so i came up behind her and hugged her from behind then kissed her on the cheek she just turned around in my arm and laid her head down on my chest. "you laughed." "I know babe and i'm sorry. you wanted me to help you but I couldn't if i would have Anna would have thought something was going on" "Zayn" "yeah babe" "when are we going to be able to tell her?" I don't know how to answer her question I want to tell my sister too but I know she would freak out so i just said "soon I promise" she turned around again and started scrubbing her face i watched as she started to get frustrated when it wouldn't come off I reached for her had to take the rag out of her hands "here let me do it" I said as i turned her around to face me and started softly washing all the marker of of her face when all the marker was off I turned her around again so she could look at herself in the mirror "see good as new" I said smiling into the mirror "think you Zayn"

Christy POV I wasn't really mad about the marker i was mad because Zayn just laughed he didn't help me once Zayn got all the marker off we told everyone we were going to the screen room because i didn't want to talk to them and not to bother us so we went into the screen room and cuddled on the love seat where i eventually fell asleep on Zayn chest.


hey guys this is my first fan-faction so please comment what you think 

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