secret relationships

17 year old Christy Morr is dating her best friends older brother Zayn Malik this is the one secret that she cant tell her.


2. Chapter 1

Christy pov

I woke up not knowing where i was then i remembered that i fell asleep watching a film with Anna. All the boys are at there concert and anna wasn't around so she was probably went to her bed. I found the clock forgetting where it was it was 2:00 AM i laid down wanting to go back to sleep i laid there for 10 min before i heard the door come open followed by yelling and laughing i tried to cover my ears with a pillow so i could block the boys out but they all just came closer then i felt them all sit on my couch then the pillow that was covering my ears flew away from my face and hit the wall behind me i tryed to scream but befor i could Zayn pressed his lips against mine pulling me closer. I could hear all the boys making gagging noises and saying get a room but we just ignored them. When Zayn pulled away i couldent breath "Anna would be so mad if she finds out" i said when after catching my breath "you guys are so loud people are trying to sleep you know" Anna said coming down the stairs "yeah well look how they woke me up" i said pointing at the boys that were sitting on me. Anna just laughed and came and sat on the arm of the couch above my head "thats okay because now i can do this" she said as she pulled out a marker and started writing on my face i tried to stop her with my free hands but louis grabbed both my hands "oh no you don't" I tried to move out from under the boys but they all just laughed and sat there i looked at zayn with pleading eyes he just shrugged and started laughing again when Anna was done she took out her phone "smile for the camera" i looked at it and scowled then i heard the phone snap "aw what a beautiful picture" she said showing me the picture "lou you can let go of my hands now AND GET OFF ME"  they all laughed as they stood up i got up and went into the bathroom to wash my face.


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